Comfortable Place for Our Family Car

October 24, 2015

A suitable place and appropriate after some time since January several months hanging out behind the village office, then until today the village is still under renovation, so the dream a few months the family car had to perch on the edge of the parking places near the house. Start Ngasem roads, streets Rotowijayan, or road Sidomukti. Relentless family business until this second attempt to put the family car in a more suitable and appropriate and safe course. This time friend of the family home permits to put our family car. Relentless effort to seek a suitable and appropriate to fruition. Initially the family wants to rent a house that seems to not be used because its owner Mrs. Hj. Wien (Allahu Yarham) deceased. Of course this house into a power heirs of Mrs. Hj. Wien or family Hj. Wien. Initially our family failed attempts to negotiate renting this house, because even though it looks deserted from the outside, no occupants in the house, so there is no activity in the house either by nephew Hj. Wien or people living in the house. Our family is not desperate in seeking negotiations, although the first negotiations failed. When the thick clouds blanketed the city of Yogyakarta dated October 20, 2015 our family negotiate Hj. Wien family and this time open the way to use place for the family car, Alhamdulillah-Alhamdulillah begin October 21, 2015 our family car to obtain a representative. Sure make “Comfortable Place for Our Car”, Alhamdulillah.


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