Trip to Cepu

October 16, 2015

Experience on new year 1437 H with long trip to Cepu Central of Jawa. In the enening 14 October 2015 after pray Ashar straight going to Adisucipto Airport pick up brother Hasan that landing from KL Malaysia. Sure arrival of international passengers different with domestic passengers at Airport. Schedule of landing at least 16.50 pm then we are meet brother Hasan so straight go to Cepu. On the way our trip stop for praying Maghrib and Isya so continue with dinner together. Suddenly younger sister Ida phone us and want meeting at Ponpes Gontor Putri 1 Mantingan East Java. In this moment younger sister Ida with he husband Agus becouse of they daughter unwell with sick. Sure after at nine night we are arrive at Ponpes Gontor Putri 1 Mantingan meet with siter Ida. She want something to bring back after writer come back from Cepu. At lest 11.00 pm we are arrived at brother Hasan residence, only drop him, and lowering carpets order from sister Atik-Fuad, then straight back to Yogyakarta. Sister Ida waiting at Ponpes Gontor Putri 1 Mantingan on after midnight writer meet her for give something I mean a clothes for wear. I met with nephew Rinda that got sick on dormitory Ponpes Gontor Putri 1 Mantingan. After that back continue the journey to Yogyakarta. Alhamdulillah arrived home at 04.30, after pray Shubuh ready to school that daily activity here. A trip night on new year 1437 H going to Cepu Central of Java (Yogya-Klaten-Solo/Surakarta-Sragen-Ngawi-Bojonegoro-Cepu) and back again to Yogyakarta. Thanks


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