Chandra anc Citra Wedding Party

October 11, 2015

Sunday evening attended a wedding reception at the Chandra Handika Kurniawan, ST and dr. Citra Perwita Sari at Graha Sabha Pramana UGM. Chandra eldest son of the aunt Dra. Titik Rahmawati- Ipda Dulhadi. Attending Holy Family of Daren or especially large families mBah H.Achwan (Allahu Yarham), Ir. H. Ahmad Faleh-Hj. Yuni, H.M. Noor Khadziq-Hj. Nur Hasanah, Hj. Suswati-H. Is and including all member of my uncle HM Dahlan Daren family including too cousin Ir.H. Amienudin Azis-Hj. Dani Bagianda, cousin Ir.H. Andi Ardiyanto, cousin Lia Ratnasari, ST -Arvian Aji and Ery Indriati, ST. -Budi Writer met with the uncle Arifin from Kudus, uncle Drs H. Abdul Rahman Said al-Khudzri, aunt Hj. Rahmah reminiscent of childhood in Daren and also early days was in Yogyakarta. With the accompaniment of prayers to the new bride may be a happy family, aamiin.


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