Pedestrian Walking on Main Street

August 31, 2014

Because of space for pedestrian on many place more fully with goods or fully with goods or many activity person. Not believe it when we walked in a few places in our city, it seems no longer functioning sidewalks for pedestrians. Which can be properly discharged benfungsi sidewalk was filled with the goods or for business activities. It should stakeholders is particularly responsive to feel embarrassed if the public interest he used in a long time with no conscious. So that pedestrians are supposed to walk on and on the right track this time and in accordance with the risk taker pedestrians should walk on the body or main road. if allowed to continue without the awareness of all parties would be less comfortable circumstances Yogyakarta especially our beloved city into a tourist destination abroad. many times lately when passing a pedestrian bertrotoar not including foreign tourists walk on the main roads. Hopefully, this article could inspire all stakeholders in our city of Yogyakarta beloved region.


One comment

  1. Lingkungan ALun-alun utara beberapa hari terakhir ini mulai ditata, trotoar tempat pejalan kaki sudah tidak ada bangunan emplek-emplek yang digunakan untuk menjajakan dagangan kaki-lima bahkan bisa saja untuk tidur di dalam bangunan emplek-emplek. Harapannya kota Yogyakarta tercinta ini benar-benar “Berhati Nyaman” mari kita wujudkan bersama kota kita tercinta ini.

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