Verry Impressive Batam and Singapura

June 10, 2014

Very, very impressive first time to Batam in order to enliven the MTQ 2014. Moreover be visiting Singapore with several friends from Yogyakarta even though only a day. Drop by and stay in the Empire Apartments, comparative study to integrated madrassas in Bengkong Batam, visited the bridge Barelang, Galang Island, MTQ locations in Batam Center, Friday prayers at the mosque highway Batam, a long street to Sekupang, Nagoya and BCM mall, Batuaji village, and Hang Nadim airport. Round-trip across the straits to Singapore with peculiarities, especially in locations Sentosa Merlion. Very, very impressive. Although the body feels tired too tired during the four days we went through with great memories that can not be forgotten. Singapore impressed net neatly arranged no corner of the city that go unnoticed by the rules that bind to each visitor, our impressions were similar to those in the city of Beijing China. Do not know when I can again either through Singapore to Batam or straigh from Yogyakarta. And Allah knows best.

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