Ready to Singapura from Batam Centre

June 7, 2014

Early morning wake up then bathe after that praying together with friend at The Queen Victoria Appartement Batam. After breakfast preparing to Batam Centre, then straight to Singapura.


One comment

  1. While in Singapore deliberately open communication via mobile telephone and at that moment mobile phone turned off, but at the same time remain open to listening to favorite music by using ear phone on a tablet or mobile phone. On his return from Singapore before entering Batam Center reactivated mobile phone. Down from Batam Centre which still leaves power to the place to watch the MTQ also fairs or booths there. When will return the location of the MTQ drenched with heavy rain once, while we wait for the vehicle in front of the Grand Mosque Batam stop. Arriving at the apartment was still chatting with friends especially with Mr. Abdullah and Mr. Mujiyono until three o’clock in the morning. After the prayer congregation Shubuh author and Mr. Makmur of bathing in the pool apartment. For the second time we swam in the pool bath apartment, the first when there is damage to our room bathroom faucet so the water in the room was turned off on day two in Batam, and on day three we can use bath up, and on the fourth day This time we were bathing in the pool below. Feels enjoy paradise garden apartment occupies an orderly clean and tidy The Queen Victoria apartment with beautiful landscaped flower gardens, like in the garden of paradise, heaven on earth. Hmm, very impressive can’t forgotten in Batam island.

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