Long Time no Write

March 29, 2014

I have not been long enough to fill this blog because of the rush is pretty solid this time trying to fill the back of the integrated monitoring and early attendance at the school. As previously planned Disdikpora and Kemenag Sleman MOU to conduct supervision of subject teachers in addition special to the madrassa signed by Mr. Arif Haryono, SH head of Disdikpora Sleman. Coordinating the activities of supervision with five supervisors are ready to hold classes on this day supervision, supervision schedule made ​​for teachers grades seven and eight. Coordinator of Disdikpora father Drs. H. Agus Subardan , Mg.Or. had been present earlier in MTsN Godean and with all supervisory team Mrs. Dra . Siti Aminah, MA., Mr. Supriyadi, M.Pd. Mrs Dra. Yulia SP, M.Hum. Mr Drs. Tata Nurwadi, M.Pd. and Mrs Dra. Endang Sulistyaningrum , M.Pd. present promptly at 7:00 pm to prepare for direct entry into the class that have been scheduled. Alhamdulillah integrated supervision in MTsN Godean today can run well and smoothly. Upon completion held class learning reflection supervision carried out by the teachers. With the integrated control or supervision this time hoping that the quality of education in madrasas, especially in learning subjects other than those typical of madrasas have quality preparation process and high yield. And integrated monitoring time is first conducted in madrasas in Sleman district, especially in MTsN Godean. Hopefully this time the integrated supervision continue for times to come in line with the increase and the quality of teaching at the school in particular and education in general.
As for the early present to madrasa is day to day should make concern for all teachers and staff in attendance at the madrasah to earlier . Of the present earlier to motivate students to do a good habit . To be present earlier of course take into account how long the trip from home to the madrasah . If the house is far from certain earlier madrasah went to madrassa let me not be late . 07.00 am all the teachers and staff should be present at the school and up , especially at 07.00 madrassa teachers should have been in class or immediately to the appropriate class schedule . Late habits that may have been done the teacher should be immediately repaired with good intentions and straight . Not only for the good of habituation to the teacher but also a good example to the students . Today in MTsN Godean receive a supervisor from the Education Office and Kemenag Sleman . Sadly if there is a teacher or employee who present late to the madrassa .


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