Busy with Activity

August 27, 2013

Till today writer very busy with activity, on Sunday with many invitations special wedding party including from family of principle Islamic Senior High School Yogyakarta 3 (MAN 3 Yogyakarta) Mr. Drs. Suharto. That Sunday activity make writer more tired seem after Shubuh on Monday morning can not standing because of tired. That should drink of medicine then straight go to school. After arrived school with finger presence then go to classroom. On Monday have activity Halal bi Halal invitation of Kasidikmad Sleman regency then on the afternoon at Kanwilkemenag DIY following coordination of acceleration of budget program with General Secretary Religious Ministry Mr. H. Bahrul Hayat, Ph.D. till 15.30 in the afternoon. Today have activity of promotion healthy school till finish at Kanwilkemenag DIY.


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