Special Day for Writer

July 27, 2013

Exactly this day in the life of the writer’s birthday over a year a half century. Feels that the author has not much to do for supplies headed to the presence of the Almighty for ever. Also coincides with the time of fasting Ramadan 1434 H ahead of the third. Atmosphere of introspection in the face with a series of acts of worship fasting may be able to deliver in the degree of devotion. Who gave birthday greetings this time is the beloved wife of the involved since 1990 reunited at the wedding. Children who are righteous and shalihah a dream for us may Allah grant our request. So too have many sins and mistakes that writers make mistakes also do both said writings and deeds may Allah forgive the author. O Lord show us the straight path is the path that You pleasure not the way of those who go astray. O Lord our sins and the sins of our parents, and have mercy on them as they pity us in little time. O Lord shine our hearts, our mother’s heart, our fathers heart, heart our brothers, our wives hearts, hearts of our children, which is close to the hearts of our people, good hearts with us, with instructions rays Thou O God and make it easy all our difficulties.  Avoid us from the punishment of hell fire and paradise we ask that you promised us. O Allah bestow our family sakinah family so mawaddah and Rahmah, amen.


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