Half a Century

July 27, 2012

Thank God the infinite gratitude at the age of half a century with a variety of experiences has been the author lived during the time in the nation and devote ourselves to the unitary state of Indonesia. After graduation at the university the author worked as a teacher in West Kalimantan Islamic Yunior High School (MTsN) Pemangkat for ten years since 1988 and then transfer to a MAN Yogkayarta 1 in 1998. Since the year 2009 served in the Lahore district Islamic Yunior High School (MTsN) Sleman. Thank God at the age of gratitude and a half centuries God has called the author and his wife to perform the pilgrimage to the holy land of Mecca. May the gifts of the great and able to raise a family that sakinah mawaddah wa Rahmah, amen. And may lead to return to God with khusnul khotimah, amen.


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