The Prophets – Al-‘Anbiya’ and The Pilgrimage – Al-Hajj

April 20, 2012

The Prophets – Al-‘Anbiya’
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[21.1] The Reckoning for mankind is drawing near, yet they are heedless and turn away.
[21.2] No recent revival of the remembrance comes to them from their Lord, except that they play with it as they listen –
[21.3] their hearts are diverted. The harmdoers mutter to one another: ‘Is this anything else but a human like yourself? What, will you follow sorcery with your eyes open?’
[21.4] He said: ‘My Lord has knowledge of what is said in the heavens and on earth. He is the Hearer, the Knower.’
[21.5] Some say: ‘No, it is only mixed dreams.’ ‘No, he has forged it himself’, or, ‘no, he is a poet! Let him bring us a sign, just as the ancient ones were sent as Messengers.’
[21.6] Of the villages We destroyed, there was not one that believed. What, will they not believe?
[21.7] We never sent (anyone) before you except men to whom We revealed to them. ‘Ask the people of the Remembrance if you do not know.’
[21.8] Nor did We make them bodies that ate no food, nor were they immortal.
[21.9] Then We were true to the promise, We saved them together with those whom We willed, and destroyed the transgressors.
[21.10] Now, We have sent down to you a Book in which is your Remembrance. Will you not understand?
[21.11] How many harm-doing villages have We shattered and replaced them with another nation.
[21.12] And when they felt Our Might they fled from it.
[21.13] ‘Do not run away. Return to your luxury that you rejoiced in, and your homes in order that you be questioned!’
[21.14] They said: ‘Alas for us we were harmdoers!’
[21.15] And this they did not stop crying out until We made them stubble, silent, and still.
[21.16] It was not in play that We created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them.
[21.17] Had We wished to take to Us an amusement We would have taken it to Us from Ours had We done so.
[21.18] No, We hurl truth at falsehood, and it shall conquer it, and see, falsehood vanishes. Woe to you for all you have described.
[21.19] To Him belongs whosoever is in the heavens and the earth. Those who are with Him are not too proud to worship Him, nor are they ever wearied.
[21.20] They never fail to exalt Him either at night or in the day.
[21.21] Or, have they taken earthly gods who revive the dead?
[21.22] Had there been gods in heaven or earth, other than Allah, both would indeed have been ruined. Exalted be Allah, Lord of the Throne, above that they describe.
[21.23] He is not to be questioned about what He does, but they shall be questioned.
[21.24] Have they taken gods, other than Him? Say: ‘Bring us your proof! Here is the Remembrance of he who is with me and the Remembrance of those before me.’ But no, most of them do not know the truth, therefore they turn away.
[21.25] We never sent a Messenger before you except that We revealed to him saying: ‘There is no god except Me, therefore, worship Me.’
[21.26] They say ‘The Merciful has taken a son.’ Exaltations to Him! No, they are only His honored worshipers,
[21.27] who do not surpass Him in speech, and do as He commands.
[21.28] He knows what is before them and what is behind them. They intercede for none except for him whom He is well pleased, and they tremble in awe of Him.
[21.29] If any one of them says: ‘I am a god other than Him,’ We will recompense him with Gehenna (Hell). As such We recompense the harmdoers.
[21.30] Have the unbelievers not seen that the heavens and the earth were sewn up as one (solid) mass, then We unstitched them, and that We made every living thing of water? Will they not believe!
[21.31] We set firm mountains upon the earth lest it should shake with them, and We placed therein ravines to be paths so that they might be guided.
[21.32] We established the heaven as a well protected roof, yet they still turn away from its signs.
[21.33] It is He who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon; each floating in an orbit.
[21.34] We have never assigned immortality to a human before you, therefore, if you yourself die, will they live for ever?
[21.35] Every soul shall taste death. We will try you with a trial of evil and good. Then, to Us you shall be returned.
[21.36] When the unbelievers see you, they take you only for mockery, saying: ‘Is this he who talks about your gods?’ While they are unbelievers in the Remembrance of the Merciful.
[21.37] The human was created of haste. Indeed, I will show you My signs; so do not ask Me to hasten them.
[21.38] They say: ‘If you are truthful, when will this promise come?’
[21.39] If the unbelievers only knew when they will be unable to shield either their faces or their backs from the Fire; when they will not be helped!
[21.40] It will overtake them suddenly, dumbfounding them. They shall be unable to ward it off, and they shall not be respited.
[21.41] Before you, other Messengers were mocked, but the mockers were encompassed by the very thing they mocked.
[21.42] Say: ‘Who will guard you, by night and by day from the Merciful?’ But no, they turn away from their Lord’s remembrance.
[21.43] Or have they gods to defend them, other than Us? Indeed, they are unable to help themselves, neither shall they be guarded in safety from Us.
[21.44] We gave days of enjoyment to them and their fathers until their life became long. Are they unable to see how We come to their land and reduce its borders. Or, is it they who are the victors?
[21.45] Say: ‘I warn you only by the Revelation.’ But the deaf hear nothing when they are warned.
[21.46] But if just a breath of your Lord’s punishment were to touch them, they would say: ‘Woe for us, we were harmdoers!’
[21.47] On the Day of Resurrection We shall set up just scales, so that no soul shall in the least be wronged, even though it be the weight of a grain of mustard seed We will bring it – We Suffice as reckoners.
[21.48] We gave Moses and Aaron the Criterion, and gave them a light and a Remembrance for the cautious:
[21.49] those who fear Allah in the Unseen, tremble because of the Hour.
[21.50] This is a blessed Remembrance which We have sent down. Do you disbelieve it?
[21.51] Before this We gave Abraham his virtue, for We knew him.
[21.52] He said to his father and to his nation: ‘What, are these the statues to which you cling?’
[21.53] They replied: ‘We found our fathers worshipping them.’
[21.54] He said: ‘Truly, you and your fathers are in clear error.’
[21.55] They said: ‘Is it the truth you have brought us, or are you one of those that play?’
[21.56] ‘No,’ he answered, ‘your Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Originator of them, and I am among those bearing witness to it.
[21.57] By Allah, I will certainly outwit your idols as soon as you have turned your backs and gone.’
[21.58] He broke them all into pieces, except their great one so that they might return to it.
[21.59] ‘Who has done this to our gods?’ they exclaimed. ‘He must surely be a harmdoer.’
[21.60] ‘We have heard a young man called Abraham mention them’ they replied.
[21.61] They said: ‘Then bring him here so that the people may see, so that they may bear witness.’
[21.62] ‘Abraham,’ they said, ‘was it you who did this to our gods?’
[21.63] ‘No,’ he replied. ‘It was their great one amongst them that did it. Ask them, if they are able to speak.’
[21.64] So they returned one to another saying, ‘Surely, it is you who are the harmdoers!’
[21.65] But then they reversed their minds: ‘You know they do not speak.’
[21.66] He said: ‘Would you then worship that, instead of Allah, which can neither help nor harm you?
[21.67] Shame on you and on that you worship other than Allah! Have you no understanding?’
[21.68] They said: ‘Burn him and help your gods, if you are going to do anything!’
[21.69] ‘O Fire,’ We said, ‘be coolness and safety for Abraham.’
[21.70] They sought to outwit him, but We made them the worst of losers.
[21.71] We saved him and Lot, and brought them to the land which We had blessed for all the worlds.
[21.72] We gave him, in excess, Isaac, and Jacob (for a grandson); and We made each righteous
[21.73] and appointed them leaders to guide by Our Command and We revealed to them to do good deeds, and to establish the prayer, and the giving of charity, and they were for Us worshipers.
[21.74] To Lot, We gave judgment and knowledge and saved him from the village that had been committing corrupt deeds; for they were an evil nation and were debauched.
[21.75] We admitted him to Our Mercy, he was among the righteous.
[21.76] And (remember) Noah, when he supplicated to Us, We answered him, and We saved him and his nation from great distress,
[21.77] and helped him against the nation who had belied Our signs. They were an evil nation; We drowned them all.
[21.78] And David and Solomon – they passed judgment upon the tilled land on which the peoples sheep had strayed. We bore witness to their judgment, and
[21.79] We made Solomon to understand it, and to both We gave judgment and knowledge. And with David We subjected the mountains and birds to exalt (Allah). All this We have done.
[21.80] We taught him the craft of making garments that fortify you against your own violence. Are you thankful?
[21.81] To Solomon the raging wind ran at his command to the land which We had blessed. We have knowledge of all things.
[21.82] And some of the satans dived for him and others did work as well. We were watching over them.
[21.83] And Job – when he called to his Lord: ‘Affliction has befallen me, and You are the Most Merciful of the merciful.’
[21.84] We answered him and removed his affliction, and We gave his people, and those like them that were with them, mercy from Us, as a reminder to those who worship.
[21.85] And Ishmael, Idris, and Thul-Kifl (the son of Job) each were patient.
[21.86] We admitted them to Our Mercy, for they were of the righteous.
[21.87] And Thul-Nun (Prophet Jonah), he went away in anger thinking We had no power over him. But in the darkness he cried: ‘There is no god except You. Exaltations to You! I was among the harmdoers.’
[21.88] We heard his prayer and saved him from grief. As such We shall save the believers.
[21.89] And Zachariah when he called to his Lord saying: ‘Lord, do not let me remain by myself; You are the Best of inheritors.’
[21.90] So We answered him, and gave him John, curing his wife (of sterility). They raced with each other in good works and called on Us out of yearning and awe, and they were humble to Us.
[21.91] And she (Mary) who guarded her virginity. We breathed into her of Our spirit (Gabriel), and made her and her son a sign for the worlds.
[21.92] Indeed, this nation of yours is one nation, and I am Your Lord, therefore worship Me.
[21.93] But they (the Christians and Jews) split their affair between them – all shall return to Us.
[21.94] The endeavors of he who believes and does good works shall not go unthanked. We write it down for him.
[21.95] (It is ordained that) no village We have destroyed shall return
[21.96] till Gog and Magog are let loose and slide down out of every slope;
[21.97] when the true promise draws near; the eyes of the unbelievers will stare (and they will say): ‘Alas for us! Of this we have been heedless. We have been harmdoers.’
[21.98] You and all those who you were worshipping, other than Allah, shall be the fuel of Gehenna; there you shall all go down to it.
[21.99] If those had been gods, they would never have gone down to it, but in it they shall live for ever.
[21.100] There is groaning for them therein, and they do not hear.
[21.101] But those whom We have surpassed with the finest (rank) from Us shall be far removed from it,
[21.102] neither shall they hear any of its whisper, but shall live for ever in that their souls desired.
[21.103] The greatest terror shall not grieve them, and the angels will receive them: ‘This is the Day you have been promised.’
[21.104] On that Day, We shall roll up the heaven like a written scroll is rolled. As We originated the first creation, so will We bring it back again. This is a binding promise on Us which We shall assuredly fulfill.
[21.105] We have written in the Psalms, after the Remembrance: ‘The righteous among My worshipers shall inherit the earth.’
[21.106] Surely, in this is a proclamation to a worshiping nation.
[21.107] We have not sent you (Prophet Muhammad) except as a mercy to all the worlds.
[21.108] Say: ‘It is revealed to me that your God is One God, do you then surrender?’
[21.109] If they turn back, say: ‘I have warned you all alike, though I cannot tell whether what you are promised is imminent or distant.
[21.110] He knows your spoken words and what you hide.
[21.111] And I do not know if this is a trial for you and an enjoyment for a time.’
[21.112] He said: ‘My Lord, judge in truth. Our Lord is the Merciful whose help is ever to be sought against what you describe.’

The Pilgrimage – Al-Hajj
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[22.1] O people, have fear of your Lord. The earthquake of the Hour shall be a great thing.
[22.2] On that Day you will see every one that suckles shall forsake her suckling, and every carrier shall miscarry, and you shall see mankind drunk although they are not drunk; dreadful will be the punishment of Allah.
[22.3] Among people there are those, who without knowledge, dispute about Allah and follow every rebel satan,
[22.4] against whom it is written down that whosoever takes him for a guide, he guides astray, and leads him to the punishment of the Blaze.
[22.5] O people, if you are in doubt about the Resurrection, remember that We first created you from dust, then, from a sperm drop, then from a clot, and then from a bite-size tissue formed and unformed, so that We might clarify for you. We establish in the wombs whatever We will for an appointed term, and then We bring you forth as infants, then you come of age. Some of you die, and some of you are kept back to the vilest state of life, after knowing somewhat, they know nothing. And you see the earth dry; but no sooner do We send down rain upon it than it begins to quiver and swell, putting forth every fine variety (of herbage).
[22.6] That is because Allah is the Truth; He revives the dead and has power over all things.
[22.7] And the Hour is sure to come – there is no doubt. And Allah will raise up those in the graves.
[22.8] Some dispute about Allah, though they have neither knowledge nor guidance, nor an illuminating Book.
[22.9] There is for him who turns his side to lead (others) astray from the Path of Allah, degradation in this life and We shall let him taste the punishment of the burning on the Day of Resurrection.
[22.10] ‘This, is the reward for what your hands have forwarded. Allah is not unjust to the worshipers.’
[22.11] There are among the people such who worship Allah and (yet stand) on the very edge. When goodness comes to him, he is content, but if a trial befalls him he falls upon his face, he loses this world and the Everlasting Life; that is indeed a clear loss.
[22.12] He calls to other than Allah, to that which neither hurts him, nor benefits him; that is indeed far error.
[22.13] He calls upon him whose harm is nearer than his benefit, an evil guide and an evil friend.
[22.14] As for those who believe and do good works Allah will admit them to gardens underneath which rivers flow. Allah indeed does what He will.
[22.15] If any one thinks that Allah will not give him (Prophet Muhammad) victory in this present world and in the Everlasting Life, let him stretch a rope to heaven, and let him sever it. Then, let him see if his guile does away with that which has enraged him.
[22.16] As such We have sent it in clear verses. Indeed, Allah gives guidance to whom He will.
[22.17] Surely, they that believe, and those of Jewry, the Sabaeans, the Nazarenes, the Magians, and the unbelievers, Allah will judge them on the Day of Resurrection. Surely, Allah is witness over everything.
[22.18] Have you not seen that to Allah prostrate all who are in the heavens and all who are in the earth, the sun and the moon, the stars and the mountains, the trees and the beasts, and many people? And many deserve the punishment. He who is abased by Allah has none to honor him. Allah does what He will.
[22.19] Those are two who disputed concerning their Lord. Garments of fire have been prepared for the unbelievers. Boiling water shall be poured over their heads,
[22.20] and that which is in their bellies and their skins shall be melted;
[22.21] for them are hooked rods of iron.
[22.22] Whenever in their anguish they try to get out of it, they are restored to it. (It will be said): ‘Taste the punishment of burning.’
[22.23] Allah will admit those who believe and do good works to gardens underneath which rivers flow. They shall be adorned therein with bracelets of gold and with pearls, and their garments shall be of silk.
[22.24] For they shall be guided to good speech and guided to the praised path.
[22.25] The unbelievers who bar from the Way of Allah and from the Holy Mosque which We made equal for all peoples, he who cleaves to it and the tent-dweller alike, and whosoever seeks to violate it wrongfully, We shall let him taste a painful punishment.
[22.26] And when We settled for Abraham (and Ishmael) the place of the Holy Mosque, (We said): ‘You shall not associate with Me anything. Purify My House for those who circumambulate it and those who stand, for those who bow and prostrate.
[22.27] Proclaim the pilgrimage to the people. They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, they shall come from every deep ravine;
[22.28] that they witness profitable things for them and mention the Name of Allah on well known days over the flocks which He has provided them. Eat thereof, and feed the wretched poor.
[22.29] Then, let the pilgrims accomplish their acts of cleansing, and let them fulfill their vows, and circumambulate the Ancient House.
[22.30] All that; and whosoever venerates the sacred rites of Allah it shall be better for him with his Lord. The flocks are lawful to you, except that which is recited to you. Therefore, avoid the filth of idols and avoid speaking falsely,
[22.31] being of pure faith to Allah, not associating anything with Him. He who associates others with Allah is like he who falls from heaven and is snatched away by the birds or carried by the wind to some far-off place.
[22.32] All that; and, he who venerates the waymarks of Allah, surely it is from the piety of the hearts.
[22.33] In them, you have benefits until an appointed time. After their place of sacrifice is at the Ancient House.
[22.34] For every nation We have appointed a holy ritual, that they pronounce the Name of Allah over the beast of flocks which He has provided them. Your God is One God; to Him surrender yourselves. Give glad tidings to the humble,
[22.35] whose hearts, when Allah is mentioned, quake, who endure their misfortunes with patience, and establish their prayers, and spend of that which We have provided them.
[22.36] And the camels We have made a part of the waymarks of Allah. In them is good for you. Pronounce over them the Name of Allah, when they are hobbled; and when they have fallen down on their sides, eat of them and feed the impoverished non-requestor and the requestor. As such We have subjected them to you, in order that you give thanks.
[22.37] Their flesh and blood does not reach Allah rather it is piety from you that reaches Him. As such He has subjected them to you, in order that you exalt Allah for guiding you. And give glad tidings to the generous.
[22.38] Allah will defend those who believe. Verily, Allah does not love the ungrateful cheat.
[22.39] Permission is given to those who fight because they were wronged. Allah has power to grant them victory:
[22.40] those who have been unjustly driven from their homes, just because they said: ‘Our Lord is Allah.’ Had Allah not repelled some people by the means of others, the monasteries and churches, the synagogues and mosques in which the Name of Allah is remembered would have been destroyed. But whoever helps Allah shall be helped by Him. Allah is the Strong, the Almighty,
[22.41] those who, if We established them in the land, will establish the prayers and pay the obligatory charity, order with honor and forbid dishonor, and to Allah is the end of all affairs.
[22.42] If they belie you, so too before them, the nation of Noah belied, and Aad and Thamood
[22.43] and the nation of Abraham and the nation of Lot;
[22.44] and the inhabitants of Midian, to Moses they also belied. I respited the unbelievers, then I seized them, and how was My disapproval!
[22.45] How many a village We have destroyed in its harm-doing, so that it lies fallen upon its turrets, and how many an abandoned well, and empty palace!
[22.46] Have they never journeyed through the land so that they have hearts to understand, or ears to hear with? It is not the eyes, but the hearts in the chests that are blind.
[22.47] They ask you to hasten the punishment. Allah will not break His promise. Each day with your Lord is like a thousand years in your reckoning.
[22.48] And how many a village have I respited in its evil doing! Then I seized it. To Me is the return.
[22.49] Say (Prophet Muhammad): ‘O people, I have been sent to warn you plainly.
[22.50] Those who believe and do good works, theirs shall be forgiveness and a generous provision;
[22.51] but those who strive to void Our verses, thinking they have escaped, shall be the people of Hell.’
[22.52] Never have We sent a Messenger or a Prophet before you, but when he hoped, satan tampered with his hope. But Allah supersedes the tampering of satan and confirms His verses. And Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
[22.53] (This He permits) in order that He makes satan’s interjections a temptation for those in whose hearts is a sickness and those whose hearts are hardened – and the harmdoers are in a wide schism,
[22.54] and so that those to whom knowledge has been given will know that this is the truth from your Lord and so believe in it and that their hearts will be humble to Him. Indeed, Allah will surely guide those who believe to a Straight Path.
[22.55] The unbelievers will never cease to doubt it until the Hour overtakes them suddenly or the punishment of the Barren Day comes upon them.
[22.56] The Kingdom upon that Day shall belong to Allah. He will judge between them. Those who believe and do good works shall be in Gardens of Bliss,
[22.57] but for those who disbelieved Our verses and belied there awaits a humbling punishment.
[22.58] As for those who emigrated in the way of Allah and were slain, or died, Allah will provide them with fine provisions. Allah is the Best of providers.
[22.59] He will admit them by a gate that is pleasing to them, and surely, Allah is the Knower, the Clement.
[22.60] So shall it be. He who punishes after the manner that he was punished and then again is oppressed, shall be helped by Allah. Allah is Pardoning, Forgiving.
[22.61] That is because Allah causes the night to enter into the day, and the day enter into the night. Allah is the Hearer and the Seer.
[22.62] That is because Allah is the Truth, and falsehood is all that they call upon, other than Him. Allah is the Most High, the Most Great.
[22.63] Do you not see that Allah sends down water from the sky and in the morning the earth becomes green? Allah is Subtle, the Aware.
[22.64] To Him belong all that is in the heavens and earth, surely, Allah is the Rich, the Praised.
[22.65] Do you not see that Allah has subjected to you all that is on the earth, and the ships which run upon the sea by His command? He holds the sky back lest it should fall upon the earth except by His permission. Allah is Gentle to people, the Most Merciful.
[22.66] It is He who revives you, then He will cause you to die and then He revives you. Indeed, the human is ungrateful.
[22.67] For every nation We have appointed a Holy Rite which they shall perform. Do not let them dispute with you concerning the matter. Call to your Lord; surely, you are upon a Straight Path.
[22.68] If they argue with you, say: ‘Allah knows best all that you do.
[22.69] On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will judge between you concerning that in which you vary.
[22.70] Are you not aware that Allah has knowledge of what is in the heaven and earth? This is (recorded) in a Book. That is easy for Allah.
[22.71] Yet they worship that for which He did not send down authority, and that of which they have no knowledge. Indeed, the harmdoers shall have no helpers.
[22.72] When Our clear verses are recited to them, you will recognize denial upon the faces of the unbelievers. They nearly rush upon those who recite Our verses to them. Say: ‘Shall I tell you what is worse than that?’ The Fire which Allah has promised those who disbelieve – an evil arrival.’
[22.73] People, this is a parable, listen to it. Those whom you call upon, other than Allah, could never create a fly, though they banded together to do this. And if a fly robs them of anything, they could never rescue it from it. The seeker and the sought are alike in their weakness.
[22.74] They do not value Allah as He should be valued. For Allah is Powerful and Mighty.
[22.75] Allah chooses Messengers from angels and from people. Allah is the Hearer, the Seer.
[22.76] He knows what is before them and behind them. To Allah all things are returned.
[22.77] O you who believe, bow down and prostrate yourselves. Worship your Lord and do good, in order that you prosper.
[22.78] Struggle for Allah as is due to Him. He has chosen you and has not laden a burden upon you in your religion, being the Creed of Abraham your father. He has named you Muslims before and in this so that the Messenger (Muhammad) can be a witness for you, and in order that you be witnesses against mankind. Therefore, establish the prayer and pay the obligatory charity and hold fast to Allah. He is your Guardian, the Excellent Guardian, the Excellent Helper!


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