Sheba – Saba’, The Originator – Fatir, Yaseen – YaSeen

April 20, 2012

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[34.1] Praise is for Allah, to whom belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth! And the Praise belongs to Him in the Everlasting Life. He is the Wise, the Knower.
[34.2] He knows all that penetrates the earth and all that comes forth from it, all that comes down from heaven and all that ascends to it. He is the Most Merciful, the Forgiver.
[34.3] The unbelievers say: ‘The Hour will never come to us.’ Say: ‘By my Lord, yes, it is surely coming to you! By Him who knows the Unseen, not even the weight of an atom in heavens and earth escapes Him; neither is there anything smaller than that, nor greater except that it is in a Clear Book,
[34.4] in order that He recompenses those who believe and do good works; theirs shall be forgiveness and a generous provision.
[34.5] But those who labor against Our verses (thinking they are) frustrating (Our Messengers), theirs shall be the painful punishment of anger.’
[34.6] Those to whom the knowledge has been given can see that what has been sent down to you from your Lord is the truth, guiding to the Path of the Almighty, the Praised.
[34.7] The unbelievers say: ‘Shall we direct you to a man who will tell you that when you have been utterly torn into pieces you will be raised in a new creation?’
[34.8] What, has he forged a lie about Allah, or is he mad!’ No, those who do not believe in the Everlasting Life are in the punishment and in far error.
[34.9] Have they not seen what is before them and behind them in heaven and earth? If We willed, We would make the earth swallow them up, or We would let lumps from heaven fall down on them. Surely, there is a sign in this for every penitent worshiper.
[34.10] We gave David bounty from Us. ‘O mountains, and birds, echo (the praise of Allah) with him.’ And We softened iron for him,
[34.11] (saying): ‘Make large coats of mail and measure their links well. Do good deeds, for surely I see the things you do.’
[34.12] To Solomon the morning course of the wind was a month’s journey, and its evening course was also a month’s journey. We caused copper to be (as a) molten spring for him. And the jinn, some served him by the permission of his Lord. But as for those amongst them that swerved away from Our Command, We shall let them taste the punishment of the Blaze (the Fire).
[34.13] They made for him whatever he wanted, arches, statues, bowls as basins, and fixed cauldrons. (We said:) ‘Give thanks, House of David and work.’ Yet only a few of My worshipers are thankful.
[34.14] And when We decreed (Solomon’s) death, they had no indication that he was dead until (they saw a termite), a crawler of the earth eating away his staff. And when he fell down, the jinn realized that had they known the unseen, they would not have continued in their humiliating punishment.
[34.15] For Sheba there was indeed a sign. In their dwelling place there were two gardens, on the right and left side. (We said): ‘Eat of your Lord’s provisions and give thanks to Him, a good land, and a Lord who is the Forgiving.’
[34.16] But they turned away. So We sent against them the Flood (at the city) of Arim, and exchanged their gardens with two others bearing bitter fruit and Tamarisks, and here and there a few Lotus trees.
[34.17] As such We recompensed them for their disbelief; do We recompense any except the unbelievers?
[34.18] Between them and the villages which We had blessed, We placed easily visible villages, and We spaced the journey between them exactly. (We said): ‘Travel through them by day and night in safety.’
[34.19] But they said: ‘Lord, make the stages between our journeys longer,’ so they wronged themselves; so We made them news and We tore them utterly into pieces. Surely, there are signs in this for every one who is patient, thankful.
[34.20] iblis’ made his guess true to them; and all except for a party of believers followed him.
[34.21] Yet he had no authority over them except that We would know who believed in the Everlasting Life, from he who doubted. Your Lord is the Watcher over all things.
[34.22] Say: ‘Call on those whom you assert, other than Allah. They do not possess as much as the weight of an atom in the heavens or earth, nor do they have a partnership in either, neither does He have supporters among them.’
[34.23] Intercession with Him will not help, except for him to whom He gives permission. When terror is lifted from their hearts, they shall say: ‘What did your Lord say?’ ‘The truth,’ they shall answer. ‘He is the Most High, the Great.’
[34.24] Say: ‘Who provides for you from the heavens and earth?’ Say: ‘Allah.’ Surely, either we or you are rightly guided or in clear error.
[34.25] Say: ‘You will not to be questioned about our sins, neither will we be questioned for your actions.’
[34.26] Say: ‘Our Lord will bring us all together, then, with truth, He will rightly judge between us. He is the Opener, the Knower.
[34.27] Say: ‘Show me those whom you joined with Him as associates; no, indeed; rather He is Allah, the Almighty, the Wise.
[34.28] We did not send you (Prophet Muhammad) for all mankind except to bring them glad tidings and to warn, but most people do not know.
[34.29] They ask: ‘When, if what you say is true, will this promise come?’
[34.30] Say: ‘You are promised a Day. You can neither hold it back, nor can you hasten it by a single hour.’
[34.31] The unbelievers say: ‘We will not believe in this Koran, nor in (the Books) that were before it.’ If you could only see the harmdoers when they are brought before their Lord! They will argue against each other. Those who had been abased will say to those who were proud: ‘But for you, we would have been believers.’
[34.32] Then, those who were proud will say to those who were abased, ‘Was it we who barred you from the Guidance after it had come to you? No, you yourselves were sinners.’
[34.33] Those that were abased will say to those who were proud: ‘Rather, it was scheming night and day, when you ordered us to disbelieve in Allah and set up equals to Him.’ And they will regret in secret when they see the punishment and We put (iron) fetters on the necks of the unbelievers. Shall they be recompensed except for what they were doing?
[34.34] We never sent a warner to a village except that those (who lived) in luxury said: ‘We disbelieve in the Message you have been sent with!’
[34.35] And they said: ‘We have been given an abundance of wealth and children – we shall never be punished!’
[34.36] Say: ‘My Lord outspreads and withholds His provision to whomsoever He will. But most people do not know.’
[34.37] It is neither your riches nor your children that shall bring you close in nearness to Us, except he who believes and does good work. For those their awaits a double recompense for their deeds, they shall live in safety in their lofty chambers.
[34.38] But those who labor to negate Our verses shall be arraigned in to the punishment.
[34.39] Say: ‘My Lord outspreads and withholds His provision to whomsoever He will of His worshipers. Whatsoever you expend He will replace it. He is the Best of providers.’
[34.40] On the Day when He gathers them all together, He will say to the angels: ‘Was it you that these worshipped?’
[34.41] ‘Exaltations to You!’ they will answer. ‘You are our Guardian other than them! No, rather they worshipped the jinn, and it was them which most believed.’
[34.42] Therefore, today none of you shall have the power to either benefit or harm one another.’ To the evildoers We shall say: ‘Taste the punishment of the Fire, which you belied!’
[34.43] When Our clear verses, are recited to them, they say: ‘This is nothing but a man whose wish is to prevent you from that which your fathers used to worship.’ And they say: ‘This is nothing but a forged lie.’ And those who disbelieve say of the truth when it reaches them: ‘This is nothing but clear sorcery.’
[34.44] Yet We have not given them any Books to study, nor, before you, have We sent them a warner.
[34.45] Those who have gone before them belied, yet they did not reach a tenth of what We gave them; yet they belied My Messengers. And how was (My) rejection (their destruction)!
[34.46] Say: ‘I give you only one admonition, that you stand before Allah either two by two, or one by one and reflect. There is no madness is in your companion. He (Prophet Muhammad) is only a warner to you, before a terrible punishment.’
[34.47] Say: ‘I ask no wage of you; that shall be yours. My wage is only upon Allah and He is Witness over everything.’
[34.48] Say: ‘My Lord hurls the truth – the Knower of the Unseen.’
[34.49] Say: ‘Truth has come. Falsehood has vanished and shall return no more.’
[34.50] Say: ‘If I go astray, then I go astray only against myself; if I am guided it is because of that which my Lord has revealed to me. He is the Hearer, and the Near.’
[34.51] If you could only see when they (the unbelievers) are seized with terror, and there is no escape. They shall be seized from a nearby place,
[34.52] and say: ‘We believe in it.’ But how can they reach from a place that is distant,
[34.53] since they disbelieved in it before, guessing at the Unseen from a distant place?
[34.54] And a barrier is set between them and that which they desire, as it was done before with their like; they were in suspicious doubt.’

The Originator – Fatir
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[35.1] Praise belongs for Allah, the Originator of the heavens and earth, who appointed the angels to be Messengers, with wings, two, three, and four. He increases the creation as He wills. Allah has power over all things.
[35.2] Whatever mercy Allah opens to people, none can withhold; and whatever He withholds none can release after Him. He is the Almighty, the Wise.
[35.3] People, remember the blessings of Allah to you. Except for Allah, is there any other creator who provides for you out of heaven and earth? There is no god except He. Where then do you turn?
[35.4] If they belie you, other Messengers have been belied before you. To Allah all matters are returned.
[35.5] People, the promise of Allah is true, so do not let this present life delude you, and do not let the deluder (satan) delude you about Allah.
[35.6] satan is indeed your enemy; therefore take him for an enemy. He calls his party so that they will become the companions of the Blaze.
[35.7] For the unbelievers awaits a terrible punishment, but for those who believe and do good deeds is forgiveness and a great recompense.
[35.8] What then of he whose evil deeds have been decorated fair to him and thinks them to be good? Allah leads astray whomsoever He will and whomsoever He will He guides. Do not let your soul be wasted in regrets for them; Allah has knowledge of all they do.
[35.9] Allah is He who sends the winds that stir up the clouds. Then, We drive them on to a dead land and revive the earth after it’s death. Such is the Raising Up.
[35.10] He who wants might, the Might belongs to Allah altogether. To Him ascend good words, and the righteous deed He raises. But those who devise evil deeds – theirs shall be a terrible punishment, and their plotting shall be annulled.
[35.11] Allah created you from dust, then from a (sperm) drop. Then he made you pairs. No female conceives or is delivered except by His Knowledge. He whose life is long, whatsoever is increased or decreased of his age is in a Clear Book. Surely, that is easy for Allah.
[35.12] The two seas are not alike. One is fresh, sweet and pleasant to taste, while the other is salt and bitter. Yet, from each you eat fresh flesh and bring forth out of it ornaments for you to wear. And you see the ships plow their course through it so that you may seek His bounty, and in order that you give thanks.
[35.13] He causes the night to enter into the day and the day into the night. He has subjected the sun and the moon each running for a named term. Such is Allah, your Lord. To Him belongs the Kingdom; and those whom you call upon, other than Him, do not possess even as much as the membrane of a date-stone.
[35.14] If you supplicate to them they cannot hear your supplication, and if they heard, they cannot answer you. On the Day of Resurrection they will disown your associating. None can tell you like He who is the Aware.
[35.15] People, it is you who are in need of Allah. He is the Rich, the Praised.
[35.16] He can put you away, if He will, and bring a new creation
[35.17] this is not a great matter for Allah.
[35.18] No laden soul shall bear another’s load. If one is heavy-burdened and calls for his load to be carried, nothing of it will be carried, not even if he is a close relative. You warn only those who fear their Lord in the Unseen, and establish the prayer. He who purifies himself, purifies himself for the good of his own soul. To Allah is the arrival.
[35.19] The blind and the seeing are not equal,
[35.20] nor are darkness and light.
[35.21] The shade and the hot wind are not equal,
[35.22] nor are the living and the dead equal. Allah makes to hear whosoever He will, but you cannot make those who are in their graves hear.
[35.23] You (Prophet Muhammad) are but a warner.
[35.24] We have sent you with the truth, a bearer of glad tidings and warning, for there is no nation, that has not had a warner pass away in it.
[35.25] If they belie you, those before them also belied. Their Messengers came to them with clear signs; the Psalms, and the Illuminating Book.
[35.26] Then I seized those who disbelieved, and how was My rejection!
[35.27] Did you not see how Allah sends down water from the sky and with it brings forth different colored fruits? In the mountains there are paths of various colors, of white and red, and jet-black.
[35.28] People too, and beasts and cattle have their different colors. But it is only those amongst His worshippers that fear Allah who have knowledge. Indeed, Allah is the Almighty and the Forgiving.
[35.29] Indeed, those who recite the Book of Allah and establish their prayers and spend, in secret and in public of that which We have provided them, look for a trade that does not come to nothing,
[35.30] so that He may pay them in full their wages and enrich them from His bounty. Surely, He is the Forgiver and the Thanker.
[35.31] That which We have revealed to you of the Book is the truth and it confirms what was before it. Allah is Aware and sees His worshipers.
[35.32] Then, We gave the Book as an inheritance to those of our worshipers whom We chose. Among them, is he who was harmful to himself, and some who minimize, and some who, by the permission of Allah, race in charity, this is the greatest virtue.
[35.33] They shall enter the Gardens of Eden, where they shall be adorned with bracelets of gold and with pearls, and there, their robes shall be of silk.
[35.34] They shall say: ‘Praise belongs to Allah who has removed all sorrow from us. Indeed, our Lord is the Forgiver, the Thanker.
[35.35] Through His bounty He has made us to live in the abode of Everlasting Life, where neither weariness nor fatigue shall touch us.’
[35.36] As for the unbelievers, theirs is the Fire of Gehenna. They shall neither be done away with nor die, and its punishment shall never be lightened for them. As such shall We recompense every unbeliever.
[35.37] There they will cry out: ‘Our Lord, bring us out, and we will do good, other than what we have done.’ What, did We not make your lives long enough to remember for whosoever would remember? A warner came to you, so taste now! None shall help the harmdoers.
[35.38] Allah knows the Unseen in the heavens and earth. He knows that which is in the innermost of the chests.
[35.39] It is He who made you caliphs in the earth. He who disbelieves, his disbelief shall be charged against him. The unbelievers disbelief does nothing for them, except, increase them in hate with Allah – their disbelief increases the unbelievers only in loss.
[35.40] Say: ‘Have you considered your associates who you call upon, other than Allah? Show me what they have created in the earth! Or, have they a partnership in the heavens?’ Or, have We given them a Book so that they have proof of it? No, the harmdoers promise each other nothing else but delusion.
[35.41] It is Allah who holds the heavens and the earth lest they vanish. Should they vanish, none would hold them after Him. He is the Clement, the Forgiving.
[35.42] They solemnly swore by Allah that if a warner came to them they would be more rightly guided than any other of the nations. Yet, when a warner came to them, it only increased their aversion,
[35.43] behaving arrogantly in the land and devising evil. But, evil devising coils only those who do it. Do they look except for the ways of former nations? You shall never find any change in the way of Allah.
[35.44] What, have they not journeyed through the land and seen the end of those who went before them? They were stronger and mightier than themselves. Allah! There is nothing in heavens or earth that can frustrate Him, He is the Knower, the Able.
[35.45] If Allah should take people to task for what they have earned, He would not leave one creature that crawls upon the face (of the earth)! But, He is deferring them to a named time. And when their time comes, indeed, Allah is the Seer of His worshipers.

Yaseen – YaSeen
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[36.1] YaSeen.
[36.2] By the Wise Koran,
[36.3] you (Prophet Muhammad) are truly among the Messengers sent
[36.4] upon a Straight Path.
[36.5] The sending down of the Mighty, the Most Merciful
[36.6] so that you may warn a people whose fathers were not warned, and so were heedless.
[36.7] The Phrase has become obligatory upon most of them, yet they do not believe.
[36.8] We have bound their necks with fetters up to their chin, so that their heads are raised and cannot be lowered.
[36.9] We have set a barrier before them and a barrier behind them, and, We have covered them so that they do not see.
[36.10] It is the same whether you have warned them or you have not warned them, they do not believe.
[36.11] You only warn he who follows the Remembrance and fears the Merciful in the Unseen. Give to him glad tidings of forgiveness and a generous wage.
[36.12] Surely, it is We who revive the dead and write down what they have forwarded and what they have left behind; We have counted everything in a Clear Book.
[36.13] Give to them a parable; to the people of the village there came Messengers,
[36.14] We sent to them two, but they belied them so We reinforced them with a third. They said: ‘We have surely been sent as Messengers to you.’
[36.15] But they said: ‘You are only humans like ourselves. The Merciful has not sent down anything, your speech is but lies!’
[36.16] They said: ‘Our Lord knows that we are Messengers to you.
[36.17] And it is only for us to deliver a Clear Message.’
[36.18] They answered: ‘We predict evil of you. If you do not desist, we will stone you and a painful punishment from us will befall you.’
[36.19] They said: ‘Your prediction is with you, if you are reminded. Surely, you are but a wayward nation.’
[36.20] Then, a man came running from the furthest part of the village ‘My nation,’ he said, ‘follow the Messengers,
[36.21] follow those who ask no wage of you and are rightly guided.
[36.22] Why should I not worship Him who has originated me and to whom you shall all be returned?
[36.23] What, shall I take, other than Him, gods whose intercession, if the Merciful desires to afflict me, cannot help me at all, and they will never save me?
[36.24] Surely, I should then be in clear error.
[36.25] I believe in your Lord, so hear me.’
[36.26] It was said (to him): ‘Enter Paradise,’ and he said: ‘Would that my people knew
[36.27] that my Lord has forgiven me, and caused me to be amongst the receivers of generosity.’
[36.28] And We did not send down to his nation after him any army from heaven, neither would We send any down.
[36.29] It was only one Shout and they were silent, still.
[36.30] Woe, for those (unbelieving) worshipers! They mocked every Messenger that came to them.
[36.31] Have they not seen how many generations We destroyed before them? They shall never return to them,
[36.32] all shall be arraigned before Us.
[36.33] The dead land is a sign for them. We revive it, and from it produce grain from which they eat.
[36.34] And there We made gardens of palms and vines, and in it We caused fountains to gush forth,
[36.35] so that they might eat of its fruit and the labor of their hands. Will they not give thanks?
[36.36] Exaltations to Him who created pairs of all the things the earth produces and of themselves, and that of which they have no knowledge.
[36.37] A sign for them is the night. From it We withdraw the day and they are in darkness.
[36.38] The sun runs to its fixed resting-place; that is the decree of the Almighty, the Knower.
[36.39] And the moon, We have determined it in phases till it returns like an old palm-branch.
[36.40] The sun shall not outstrip the moon, nor shall the night outstrip the day. Each is floating in an orbit.
[36.41] And a sign for them is that We carried their offspring in the laden Ark (of Noah).
[36.42] And We have created for them the like of it in which they board.
[36.43] We drown them if We will, then they have none to cry to, nor can they be saved,
[36.44] except through Our Mercy and as enjoyment for awhile.
[36.45] When it is said to them: ‘Have fear of that which is before you and behind you in order that you find mercy.’
[36.46] Yet there never comes to them any sign of their Lord’s signs, but they turn away from it.
[36.47] And when it is said to them: ‘Spend of that which Allah has given you,’ the unbelievers say to the believers: ‘Are we to feed those whom Allah can feed if He chooses? Surely, you are only in clear error.’
[36.48] They also say: ‘When will this promise be, if what you say is true?’
[36.49] They await but one Shout, which will seize them while they dispute.
[36.50] Then they will be unable to make a will, nor shall they return to their kinsmen.
[36.51] And the Horn is blown, and, from the graves they rush forth to their Lord.
[36.52] ‘Woe for us!’ they will say. ‘Who has roused us from our sleeping-place? This is what the Merciful promised; the Messengers have spoken the truth!’
[36.53] And it is but one Shout and they are all arraigned before Us.
[36.54] Today, no soul shall be wronged a thing. You shall not be recompensed except according to your deeds.
[36.55] Indeed, the companions of the Garden are this Day busy in their rejoicing.
[36.56] Together with their spouses, they shall recline on couches in the shade.
[36.57] They shall have fruits and all that they call for.
[36.58] Peace, a saying from the Most Merciful Lord.
[36.59] (And He will say): ‘Distance yourselves, O sinners, this Day.
[36.60] Children of Adam, did I not make a covenant with you, that you should not worship satan – he is surely a clear enemy to you –
[36.61] and that you worship Me? Surely, that is the Straight Path.
[36.62] Yet he has led many a host of you astray, did you not understand?
[36.63] This, then is Gehenna (Hell), that which you were promised.
[36.64] Roast well therein this Day for you were unbelievers.’
[36.65] This Day We set a seal on their mouths and their hands speak to Us, and their feet will testify to their earnings.
[36.66] Had it been Our will We would have obliterated their sight so that they raced to the Path. But, how would they see?
[36.67] Had it been Our will We would have transmuted them (into monkeys, pigs and stones) where they were, so that they could neither go forward nor yet return.
[36.68] To whoever We give a long life We make him stoop. Do they not understand?
[36.69] We have not taught him (Prophet Muhammad) poetry, nor does it become him. This is only a Remembrance and a Clear Holy Reading (Koran)
[36.70] that he may warn the living, and so that Judgement may be passed against the unbelievers.
[36.71] Have they not seen how We have created for them the cattle they master with Our Hands?
[36.72] We have subdued these to them, and some of them they ride and some of them they eat;
[36.73] they also have other uses in them and drinks. What, will they not give thanks!
[36.74] And yet they have taken gods, other than Allah, so that they might helped!
[36.75] They cannot help them, for them (the so-called) army are brought (with them to Hell).
[36.76] So do not let their sayings grieve you. Surely, We have knowledge of what they hide and all that they reveal.
[36.77] Has the human not seen how We created him from a drop (of sperm)? Yet he is a clear opponent.
[36.78] And he has struck for Us a parable, and forgotten his own creation. He asks: ‘Who will quicken the bones after they have decayed?’
[36.79] Say: ‘He will quicken them who originated them the first time; He has knowledge of every creation;
[36.80] who has made fire for you from the green tree with which you kindle.’
[36.81] Is He who created the heavens and the earth unable to create their like? Yes, indeed, He is the Creator, the Knower.
[36.82] When He wills a thing, His command is to say to it ‘Be’, and it is!
[36.83] Exaltations to Him in whose Hand is the Kingdom of all things, and to Him you will be returned.


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