The Kingdom – Al-Mulk

April 16, 2012

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[67.1] Blessed be He in whose Hand is the Kingdom, He is powerful over all things,
[67.2] who created death and life that He might examine which of you is best in deeds, and He is the Almighty, the Forgiving,
[67.3] who created the seven heavens, one above the other. You cannot see any inconsistency in the creation of the Merciful. Return your gaze, do you see any crack!
[67.4] Then return your gaze once more and yet again, your gaze comes back to you dazzled, and tired.
[67.5] We have adorned the lower heaven with lamps, and We made them a stoning for the satans, We have prepared the punishment of the Blaze for them.
[67.6] And for those who disbelieve in their Lord there awaits the punishment of Gehenna (Hell) – an evil arrival!
[67.7] When they are cast into it they shall hear it sighing, while it boils
[67.8] nearly bursting apart out of rage. Every time a host is cast therein, its keepers will ask them: ‘Did no one come to warn you?’
[67.9] ‘Yes, indeed’ they will reply, ‘but we belied the Warner (Messenger) saying: ‘Allah has not sent down anything, you are but in great error!’
[67.10] And they will then say: ‘If only we had listened and understood we should not now be among the inhabitants of the Blaze.’
[67.11] So it is that they confess their sins. Curse the inhabitants of the Blaze!
[67.12] But those who fear their Lord in the Unseen, for them there is forgiveness and a great wage.
[67.13] (Whether you) speak in secret or aloud, He knows the innermost of the chests.
[67.14] Shall He who has created (all things) not know? He is the Subtle, the Aware.
[67.15] It is He who has made the earth submissive to you. Walk about in its land and eat of His provision. To Him is the Resurrection.
[67.16] Do you feel secure that He who is in the heaven will not cause the earth to swallow you up while it shakes?
[67.17] Do you feel secure that He who is in the heaven will not loose against you a squall of pebbles – then you shall know how was My warning.
[67.18] Those who have gone before you also belied (their Messengers) then how was My disapproval!
[67.19] Do they not observe the birds above them, spreading their wings and folding them? None, except the Merciful holds them. Surely, He sees all things.
[67.20] Or, who is it that shall be your host to help you, other than the Merciful? Indeed, the unbelievers are only deluded.
[67.21] Or, who is it that shall provide for you if He withholds His provision? Yet they persist in arrogance and aversion.
[67.22] What, is he who walks, falling upon his face, more guided than he who walks upright on a Straight Path!
[67.23] Say: ‘It is He who has created you and given to you hearing, sight and hearts but little is it that you thank’
[67.24] Say: ‘It was He who created you, dispersing you in the earth, and to Him you shall be gathered.’
[67.25] They ask: ‘When will this promise come, if you speak truthfully?’
[67.26] Say: ‘The knowledge (of that) is with Allah; I am only a clear warner.’
[67.27] Then, when they see it drawing near, the faces of the unbelievers will be blackened, and it is said: ‘This is what you were promised.’
[67.28] Say: ‘What do you think, if Allah destroys me and those with me, or has mercy upon us, who then will protect the unbelievers from the painful punishment?’
[67.29] Say: ‘He is the Merciful. In Him we believe and in Him we put all our trust. Indeed, you shall soon know who is in clear error.’
[67.30] Say: ‘What do you think. If your water should sink into the earth in the morning, who then would bring you running water?’


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