Juz 30 The News – An-Naba’ until People – An-Nas

April 16, 2012

The News – An-Naba’
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[78.1] What do they question each other about!
[78.2] About the Great News
[78.3] whereupon they are at variance?
[78.4] Indeed, they shall know!
[78.5] Again, indeed, they shall know!
[78.6] Have We not made the earth as a cradle
[78.7] and the mountains as pegs?
[78.8] And We created you in pairs,
[78.9] and We made your sleep a rest,
[78.10] and We made the night a mantle,
[78.11] and We made the day for a livelihood.
[78.12] And We built above you seven strong ones,
[78.13] and placed in them a blazing lamp
[78.14] and have sent down from the clouds, pouring rain
[78.15] that We may bring forth with it grain, plants
[78.16] and luxuriant gardens.
[78.17] Indeed, the Day of Decision is an appointed time,
[78.18] the Day that the Horn is blown, and you shall come in crowds
[78.19] and heaven is opened, having gates,
[78.20] and the mountains move, and vaporize.
[78.21] Indeed, Gehenna (Hell) has become an ambush,
[78.22] a return for the insolent,
[78.23] there, they shall live for ages,
[78.24] tasting neither coolness nor any drink
[78.25] except boiling water and pus
[78.26] for a suitable recompense.
[78.27] Indeed, they did not hope for a Reckoning,
[78.28] and they absolutely belied Our verses,
[78.29] and everything We have numbered in a Book.
[78.30] ‘Taste! We shall not increase you except in punishment!’
[78.31] But, for the cautious a place of prosperity,
[78.32] and gardens and vineyards,
[78.33] curvaceous (virgins), of equal age
[78.34] and an overflowing cup.
[78.35] There, they shall neither hear idle talk, nor yet any falsehood,
[78.36] a recompense from your Lord, a gift, a reckoning,
[78.37] the Lord of the heavens and earth, and all that is between them, the Merciful, of whom they are unable to speak.
[78.38] On that Day, when the Spirit (Gabriel) and the angels stand in ranks they shall not speak, except he to whom the Merciful has given permission, and says what is right.
[78.39] That is the Day, the truth, so whosoever wills takes a way to his Lord.
[78.40] Indeed, We have forewarned you of an imminent punishment, the Day when the person will look upon his works and the unbelievers will say: ‘Would that I were dust!’

The Pluckers – An-Nazi’at
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[79.1] By the pluckers (the angels of death), violently plucking (the souls of the unbelievers),
[79.2] by the drawers (the angels of death), gently drawing (the souls of the believers),
[79.3] by the swimmers (angels) swimming gently
[79.4] and the outstrippers (angels), outstripping,
[79.5] by the managers (angels) affair.
[79.6] On the Day, the shiverer shivers
[79.7] followed by the succeeding,
[79.8] hearts will throb on that Day
[79.9] and their eyes will be humbled.
[79.10] They say: ‘What, are we being restored as we were before,
[79.11] even after we are fragmented bones?’
[79.12] They will say: ‘Then we are returned – lost!’
[79.13] But it will be only a single blow,
[79.14] and they will be upon the surface of the earth (alive).
[79.15] Have you received the story of Moses?
[79.16] His Lord called to him in the Sacred Valley of Towa,
[79.17] saying ‘Go to Pharaoh, he has become exceedingly insolent,
[79.18] and say: “Will you purify yourself,
[79.19] that I might guide you to your Lord, so that you fear (Him).”
[79.20] He showed him the mighty sign,
[79.21] but he belied and disobeyed,
[79.22] and hastily turned away,
[79.23] then, he gathered, proclaimed, then said:
[79.24] ‘I am your lord, the most high!’
[79.25] So Allah seized him with the punishment of the Everlasting Life, and of this world.
[79.26] Surely, in this there is a lesson for he that fears!
[79.27] What, are you harder to create than the heaven which He has built?
[79.28] He raised it high and leveled it,
[79.29] and darkened its night and brought forth its morning.
[79.30] And the earth He extended after that;
[79.31] and then brought from it its water and pastures.
[79.32] And the mountains He set firm
[79.33] an enjoyment for you and your herds.
[79.34] But when the Great Catastrophe comes,
[79.35] the Day when the human will remember what he has worked for,
[79.36] and when Hell is advanced for whoever sees,
[79.37] then as for whosoever was insolent
[79.38] preferring the present life,
[79.39] surely, Hell will be their refuge.
[79.40] But, whosoever feared the standing before his Lord and prevented the self from desires,
[79.41] indeed, their refuge shall be Paradise.
[79.42] They will question you about the Hour: ‘When shall it be?’
[79.43] But how are you to know?
[79.44] Its final end is for your Lord.
[79.45] You are but a warner for those who fear it.
[79.46] On the Day when they behold it, it will be as if they had lingered but an evening, or, a morning.

Frowned – ‘Abasa
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[80.1] He frowned and turned away
[80.2] when the blind came to him.
[80.3] And what could let you know? Perhaps he (comes to hear you) to be purified.
[80.4] (He might) remember, and the Reminder might profit him.
[80.5] As for he who is sufficed
[80.6] you attended to him,
[80.7] although it is not for you to be concerned if he remained unpurified.
[80.8] And to him who came to you eagerly
[80.9] and fearfully,
[80.10] of him you were unmindful.
[80.11] No indeed, this is a Reminder;
[80.12] and whosoever wills, shall remember it.
[80.13] upon highly honored pages,
[80.14] exalted, purified,
[80.15] by the hands of scribes
[80.16] noble and pious.
[80.17] Perish the human! How unthankful he is!
[80.18] From what did He create him?
[80.19] From a (sperm) drop He created him and then determined him,
[80.20] then eased his path for him,
[80.21] then causes him to die and buries him,
[80.22] then, He will raise him when He wills.
[80.23] Indeed, he has not fulfilled that which He has ordered him.
[80.24] Let the human reflect on the food he eats,
[80.25] how We pour down rain in abundance,
[80.26] and split the earth, splitting,
[80.27] how We made the grain to grow,
[80.28] grapes, and fresh fodder,
[80.29] and the olive, and the palm,
[80.30] the densely tree’d gardens,
[80.31] and fruit and pastures,
[80.32] for you and for your herds to delight in.
[80.33] But, when the Blast comes,
[80.34] on that Day each person will flee from his brother,
[80.35] his mother and his father,
[80.36] his wife and his children.
[80.37] Everyone on that Day will have affairs to keep him occupied.
[80.38] Some faces will shine,
[80.39] laughing and joyful,
[80.40] whereas some faces will be covered with dust
[80.41] and veiled with darkness.
[80.42] Those, they are the unbelievers, the immoral.

The Winding-Up – At-Takweer
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[81.1] When the sun is wound-up;
[81.2] when the stars are thrown down,
[81.3] and the mountains have been taken,
[81.4] when the pregnant camels are neglected,
[81.5] when the savage beasts are gathered
[81.6] when the seas are set boiling,
[81.7] when the souls are coupled (to their body),
[81.8] when the buried female infant is asked
[81.9] for what crime she was slain,
[81.10] when the scrolls are unrolled,
[81.11] when heaven is stripped,
[81.12] when Hell is set ablaze,
[81.13] when Paradise is brought near,
[81.14] then, each soul shall know what it has produced.
[81.15] Rather, I swear by the returning
[81.16] orbiting, disappearing;
[81.17] by the night when it approaches
[81.18] and the morning when it extends,
[81.19] it is indeed the word of an Honorable Messenger,
[81.20] of power, given a rank by the Owner of the Throne
[81.21] obeyed, and honest.
[81.22] Your Companion is not mad,
[81.23] in truth he saw him (Gabriel) on the clear horizon,
[81.24] he is not grudging of the Unseen.
[81.25] Nor is this the word of a stoned satan.
[81.26] Where then are you going?
[81.27] This is nothing but a Reminder to the worlds,
[81.28] for whosoever of you would go straight,
[81.29] but you shall not, unless Allah wills, the Lord of all the Worlds.

The Splitting – Al-‘Infitar
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[82.1] When the sky is split,
[82.2] when the planets are scattered,
[82.3] when the oceans are gushed forth,
[82.4] when the graves are overturned,
[82.5] the soul shall know what it has done, the former and the latter.
[82.6] O human! What has deceived you concerning your Generous Lord
[82.7] who created you, formed you and proportioned you?
[82.8] In whatever shape He will He could surely have fashioned you.
[82.9] Rather, you belied the Recompense.
[82.10] Yet over you there are watchers,
[82.11] noble scribes
[82.12] who know of all that you do.
[82.13] Indeed, the righteous shall (live) in bliss.
[82.14] But the wicked, indeed they shall be in the Fiery Furnace,
[82.15] roasting in it on the Day of Recompense
[82.16] and from it they shall never be absent.
[82.17] What could let you know what the Day of Recompense is!
[82.18] Again, what could let you know what the Day of Recompense is!
[82.19] It is the Day when no soul can do a thing for another soul. That Day, the command belongs to Allah.

The Diminishers – Al-Mutaffifin
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[83.1] Woe to the diminishers,
[83.2] who, when people measure for them, take full measure,
[83.3] but when they measure or weigh for others, they reduce!
[83.4] Do they not think that they will be resurrected
[83.5] for a great Day,
[83.6] the Day when people will stand before the Lord of the Worlds?
[83.7] No indeed, the Book of the immoral is in Sijjeen.
[83.8] What could let you know what the Sijjeen is!
[83.9] (It is) a marked Book.
[83.10] Woe on that Day to those who belied it,
[83.11] who belied the Day of Recompense!
[83.12] None belies it except every guilty sinner.
[83.13] When Our verses are recited to him, he says: ‘Fictitious tales of the ancients!’
[83.14] No indeed! Their own deeds have cast a veil over their hearts.
[83.15] No indeed, on that Day they shall be veiled from their Lord.
[83.16] Then they shall roast in Hell,
[83.17] and it will be said to them: ‘This is that which you belied!’
[83.18] But, the Book of the righteous is in the ‘Illiyoon.
[83.19] What could let you know what the ‘Illiyoon is!
[83.20] (It is) a marked Book,
[83.21] witnessed by those who are near (to Allah).
[83.22] The righteous shall indeed be blissful,
[83.23] (reclining) upon couches they will gaze,
[83.24] and in their faces you shall know the radiance of bliss.
[83.25] They shall be given to drink of a wine that is sealed,
[83.26] its seal is musk, for this let the competitors compete;
[83.27] and its mixture is Tasneem,
[83.28] a fountain at which those brought near (to their Lord) drink.
[83.29] The sinners laughed at the believers
[83.30] and winked at one another as they passed them by.
[83.31] When they returned to their people they returned jesting;
[83.32] and when they saw them said: ‘These are they who are astray!’
[83.33] Yet they were not sent to be their guardians.
[83.34] But on this Day the believers will laugh at the unbelievers
[83.35] as they (recline) upon their couches and gaze (around them).
[83.36] Have the unbelievers been rewarded for what they did?

The Rending – Al-‘Inshiqaq
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[84.1] When the sky is torn apart,
[84.2] hearing and obeying its Lord, as it must do;
[84.3] when the earth is stretched out
[84.4] and casts out all that is within and voids itself,
[84.5] obeying its Lord, as it must do!
[84.6] O human, you are working hard towards your Lord and you will meet Him.
[84.7] Then, he who is given his Book in his right hand
[84.8] shall have an easy reckoning
[84.9] and will return rejoicing to his family.
[84.10] But he who is given his Book from behind his back
[84.11] shall call for destruction
[84.12] and roast at the Blaze.
[84.13] Once, he lived joyfully among his family
[84.14] and surely thought he would never
return (to his Lord).
[84.15] Yes indeed, his Lord was ever watching him.
[84.16] I swear by the twilight;
[84.17] by the night and all that it envelops;
[84.18] by the moon, in its fullness
[84.19] that you shall surely ride from stage to stage.
[84.20] What is the matter with them, that they do not believe
[84.21] and when the Koran is recited to them that they do not prostrate!
[84.22] No, the unbelievers only belie,
[84.23] and Allah knows very well what they gather.
[84.24] Therefore give to them glad tidings of a painful punishment,
[84.25] except to those who believe, and do righteous deeds, for theirs is an unfailing recompense.

The Constellations – Al-Burooj
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[85.1] By the heaven of the constellations!
[85.2] By the Promised Day!
[85.3] By the witness and the witnessed!
[85.4] The companions of the pit were killed –
[85.5] the fire with its fuel,
[85.6] when they were seated around it
[85.7] and they were witnesses of what they did to the believers –
[85.8] and their revenge on them was only because they believed in Allah, the Almighty, the Praised,
[85.9] to whom belongs the Kingdom of the heavens and earth. And Allah is the Witness of all things.
[85.10] Those who persecuted the believing men and women and never repented, there is for them the punishment of Gehenna (Hell), and for them the punishment of the burning.
[85.11] (But) for those who believe and do good works, for them there are Gardens underneath which rivers flow – that is the Great Victory!
[85.12] Indeed, the seizing of your Lord is severe.
[85.13] It is He who originates and repeats.
[85.14] And He is the Forgiving, and the Loving.
[85.15] Owner of the Throne, the Exalted.
[85.16] The Doer of whatever He wants.
[85.17] Has it come to you the story of the hosts
[85.18] of Pharaoh and of Thamood?
[85.19] Yet the unbelievers still belie,
[85.20] Allah encompasses them all from behind.
[85.21] Indeed, this is a Glorious Koran,
[85.22] in a Guarded Tablet.

The Nightly Comer – At-Tariq
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[86.1] By the sky, and by the nightly comer!
[86.2] What could let you know what the nightly comer is!
[86.3] (It is) the piercing star.
[86.4] For every soul there is a watcher.
[86.5] Let the human reflect of what he is created.
[86.6] He was created from ejaculated water
[86.7] that issues from between the loins and the ribs.
[86.8] Surely, He is Able to bring him back,
[86.9] on the Day when consciences are examined,
[86.10] when he will be helpless, with no supporter.
[86.11] By the sky with its returning rain,
[86.12] and by the earth bursting with vegetation;
[86.13] this is indeed a Decisive Word,
[86.14] it is not a jest.
[86.15] They are cunningly devising,
[86.16] and I am cunningly devising.
[86.17] Therefore respite the unbelievers, and delay them for a while.

The Highest – Al-‘A’la
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[87.1] Exalt the Name of your Lord, the Highest,
[87.2] who has created and shaped,
[87.3] who has ordained and guided,
[87.4] who brings forth the pastures,
[87.5] then made it dry dark, flaky stubble,
[87.6] We shall make you recite so that you will not forget,
[87.7] except what Allah wills, surely, He knows all that is (spoken) aloud and what is hidden.
[87.8] We shall ease you to the easy.
[87.9] Therefore remind, if the Reminder benefits,
[87.10] and he who fears shall remember,
[87.11] but the most wretched shall avoid it,
[87.12] who will roast in the Great Fire,
[87.13] in which he will neither die nor live therein.
[87.14] Prosperous is he who purifies himself,
[87.15] and remembers the Name of his Lord, so he prays.
[87.16] But you prefer the present life,
[87.17] but the Everlasting Life is better, and more enduring.
[87.18] Surely, this is in the ancient Scrolls,
[87.19] the Scrolls of Abraham and Moses.

The Enveloper – Al-Ghashiyah
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[88.1] Have you received the news of the Enveloper?
[88.2] On that Day faces shall be humbled,
[88.3] laboring, worn-out,
[88.4] roasting at a scorching Fire
[88.5] that is fueled from a tremendously hot fountain,
[88.6] no food for them except thorny plants
[88.7] which neither sustains, nor satisfy hunger.
[88.8] (Whereas other) faces on that Day will be joyful,
[88.9] well pleased with their striving,
[88.10] in a Garden on high,
[88.11] where they will hear no idle talk.
[88.12] A gushing fountain shall be there
[88.13] and raised couches,
[88.14] and prepared goblets,
[88.15] and arranged cushions
[88.16] and outspread carpets.
[88.17] What, do they not reflect upon how the camel was created?
[88.18] And how the heaven was raised up,
[88.19] and how the mountains were firmly fixed?
[88.20] And how the earth was outstretched?
[88.21] Therefore remind, you are only a Reminder.
[88.22] You are not charged to oversee them.
[88.23] As for those who turn their back and disbelieve,
[88.24] Allah will punish them with the greatest punishment.
[88.25] Indeed, to Us they shall return,
[88.26] then upon Us shall rest their reckoning.

The Dawn – Al-Fajr
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[89.1] By the dawn
[89.2] and ten nights (of pilgrimage or the last ten days of Ramadan),
[89.3] by the even, and the odd,
[89.4] by the night when it journeys on!
[89.5] Is there in that an oath for the mindful?
[89.6] Have you not heard how your Lord dealt with Aad?
[89.7] of the columned (city) of Iram,
[89.8] the like of which was never created in the countries?
[89.9] And Thamood, who hewed out the rocks of the valley?
[89.10] And Pharaoh, of the pegs (impaling his victims)?
[89.11] They were tyrants in the land
[89.12] and exceeded in corruption therein.
[89.13] (Therefore) your Lord let loose upon them a scourge of punishment;
[89.14] indeed, your Lord is ever watchful.
[89.15] As for man, when his Lord tests him by honoring him and favoring him, he says: ‘My Lord, has honored me.’
[89.16] But when He tests him by restricting his provision, he says: ‘My Lord has humiliated me.’
[89.17] No! But you show no good to the orphan,
[89.18] nor do you urge one another to feed the needy.
[89.19] and you devour the inheritance with greed,
[89.20] and you ardently love wealth.
[89.21] No! But when the earth quakes and is pounded,
[89.22] and your Lord comes with the angels, rank upon rank,
[89.23] and Gehenna (Hell) is brought near – on that Day the human will remember, and how shall the Reminder be for him?
[89.24] He will say: ‘Would that I had forwarded (good works) for my life!’
[89.25] But on that Day none will punish as He (Allah) will punish,
[89.26] nor will any bind as He binds.
[89.27] O satisfied soul,
[89.28] return to your Lord well-pleased, well-pleasing.
[89.29] Join My worshipers and
[89.30] enter My Paradise!

The Country – Al-Balad
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[90.1] No, I swear by this country (Mecca),
[90.2] and you are a lodger in this country.
[90.3] And by the giver of birth, and whom he fathered,
[90.4] We created the human in fatigue.
[90.5] Does he think that none has power over him!
[90.6] He will say: ‘I have destroyed a vast wealth.’
[90.7] Does he think that none has observed him?
[90.8] Have We not given him two eyes,
[90.9] a tongue, and two lips,
[90.10] and guided him on the two paths (of good and evil)?
[90.11] Yet he has not scaled the height.
[90.12] What could let you know what the height is!
[90.13] (It is) the freeing of a slave,
[90.14] the giving of food upon the day of hunger
[90.15] to an orphaned relative
[90.16] or to a needy person in distress;
[90.17] so that he becomes one of those who believe, charge each other to be patient, and charge each other to be merciful.
[90.18] Those are the Companions of the Right.
[90.19] But those who disbelieve in Our verses, they are the Companions of the Left,
[90.20] with the Fire closed above them.

The Sun – Ash-Shams
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[91.1] By the sun and its mid-morning,
[91.2] by the moon, which follows it,
[91.3] by the day, when it displays it,
[91.4] by the night, when it envelops it!
[91.5] By the heaven and Who built it,
[91.6] by the earth and Who spread it,
[91.7] by the soul and Who shaped it
[91.8] and inspired it with its sin and its piety,
[91.9] prosperous is he who purified it,
[91.10] and failed is he who buried it!
[91.11] Thamood belied in their pride
[91.12] when the most wicked of them broke forth,
[91.13] the Messenger of Allah said to them: ‘(This is) the she-camel of Allah, let her drink.’
[91.14] But they belied him, and hamstrung her. So their Lord crushed them for their sin and leveled it (their village).
[91.15] He does not fear the result (of their destruction).

The Night – Al-Layl
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[92.1] By the night, when it envelops,
[92.2] and by the day when it unveils.
[92.3] And by Who created the male and female,
[92.4] your striving is indeed to different ends!
[92.5] For him that gives and fears (Allah)
[92.6] and believes in the finest,
[92.7] We shall surely ease him to the Path of Easing;
[92.8] but for him that is a miser, and sufficed,
[92.9] and he belied the finest
[92.10] We shall surely ease for him the Path of Hardship (the Fire).
[92.11] When he falls (into Hell), his wealth will not help him.
[92.12] Indeed, Guidance is Ours,
[92.13] and to Us belong the Last and the First.
[92.14] I have now warned you of the Blazing Fire,
[92.15] in which none shall be roasted except the most wretched sinner,
[92.16] who belied and turned away,
[92.17] and from which the cautious shall be distanced.
[92.18] He who gives his wealth to be purified,
[92.19] and confers no favor upon anyone for recompense
[92.20] seeking only the Face of his Lord, the Most High,
[92.21] surely, he shall be satisfied.

The Mid-morning – Ad-Duha
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[93.1] By the mid-morning,
[93.2] and by the night when it covers,
[93.3] your Lord has not forsaken you (Prophet Muhammad), nor does He hate you.
[93.4] The Last shall be better for you than the First.
[93.5] Your Lord will give you, and you will be satisfied.
[93.6] Did He not find you an orphan and give you shelter?
[93.7] Did He not find you a wanderer so He guided you?
[93.8] Did He not find you poor and suffice you?
[93.9] Do not oppress the orphan,
[93.10] nor drive away the one who asks.
[93.11] But tell of the favors of your Lord!

The Expanding – Al-‘Inshirah
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[94.1] Have We not expanded your chest for you (Prophet Muhammad),
[94.2] and relieved you of your burden
[94.3] that weighed down your back?
[94.4] Have We not raised your remembrance?
[94.5] Indeed, hardship is followed by ease,
[94.6] indeed, hardship is followed by ease!
[94.7] So, when you have finished (your prayer), labor (in supplication),
[94.8] and let your longing be for your Lord (in humility).

The Fig – At-Teen
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[95.1] By the fig and the olive!
[95.2] and the Mount, Sinai,
[95.3] and this safe country (Mecca)!
[95.4] Indeed, We created the human with the fairest stature
[95.5] and We shall return him to the lowest of the low,
[95.6] except the believers who do good works, for theirs shall be an unfailing recompense.
[95.7] So, what then shall belie you concerning the Recompense?
[95.8] Is Allah not the Most Just of judges!

The Clot – Al-‘Alaq
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[96.1] Read (Prophet Muhammad) in the Name of your Lord who created,
[96.2] created the human from a (blood) clot.
[96.3] Read! Your Lord is the Most Generous,
[96.4] who taught by the pen,
[96.5] taught the human what he did not know.
[96.6] Indeed, surely the human is very insolent
[96.7] that he sees himself sufficed.
[96.8] Indeed, to your Lord is the returning.
[96.9] What do you think? Have you seen he who forbids
[96.10] a worshiper when he prays.
[96.11] Have you seen if he was upon guidance
[96.12] or orders piety?
[96.13] What do you think? Have you seen if he belies and turns away,
[96.14] does he not know that Allah sees?
[96.15] Indeed, if he does not desist, We will seize him by the forelock,
[96.16] a lying, sinful forelock.
[96.17] So, let him call upon his way!
[96.18] We, will call the Zabania (the harsh angels of Hell).
[96.19] No, indeed; do not obey him! Prostrate and come nearer (to Allah).

The Honor – Al Qadr
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[97.1] We sent this (the Holy Koran) down on the Night of Honor.
[97.2] What could let you know what the Night of Honor is!
[97.3] The Night of Honor is better than a thousand months,
[97.4] in it the angels and the Spirit (Gabriel) descend by the permission of their Lord upon every command.
[97.5] Peace it is, till the break of dawn.

The Proof – Al-Bayyina
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[98.1] The unbelievers among the People of the Book and the idolaters would never desist until the Clear Proof came to them.
[98.2] A Messenger from Allah reciting Purified Pages
[98.3] in which there are valuable Books.
[98.4] Those to whom the Book was given did not divide themselves until the Clear Proof came to them.
[98.5] Yet they were ordered to worship Allah alone, making the Religion His sincerely, upright, and to establish their prayers and to pay the obligatory charity. That is indeed the Religion of Straightness.
[98.6] The unbelievers among the People of the Book and the idolaters shall be for ever in the Fire of Gehenna (Hell). They are the worst of all creatures.
[98.7] But those who believe and do good deeds are the best of all creatures.
[98.8] Their recompense is with their Lord; Gardens of Eden, underneath which rivers flow, where they shall live for ever. Allah is well-pleased with them, and they are well-pleased with Him. That is for he who fears his Lord!

The Earthquake – Az-Zalzalah
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[99.1] When the earth is shaken with its mighty shaking,
[99.2] and when the earth brings forth its burdens
[99.3] and the human asks: “What is the matter with it?”
[99.4] On that Day it shall proclaim its news,
[99.5] for your Lord will have revealed to it.
[99.6] On that Day mankind shall issue in scatterings to see their deeds.
[99.7] Whosoever has done an atom’s weight of good shall see it,
[99.8] and whosoever has done an atom’s weight of evil shall see it.

The Runners – Al-‘Adiyat
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[100.1] By the snorting runners (the horses),
[100.2] by the strikers of fire,
[100.3] by the dawn-raiders,
[100.4] raising a trail of dust,
[100.5] dividing the gathering.
[100.6] Indeed, the human is ungrateful to his Lord.
[100.7] To this he himself shall bear witness.
[100.8] And indeed he is ardent for the love of good (wealth, becoming greedy).
[100.9] Does he not know that when that which is in the graves is overthrown,
[100.10] and that which is in the chest is brought out,
[100.11] indeed, on that Day their Lord will be aware of them!

The Clatterer – Al-Qari’a
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[101.1] The Clatterer (the Day of Judgement)!
[101.2] What is the Clatterer.
[101.3] What shall let you know what the Clatterer is!
[101.4] On that Day people shall become like scattered moths
[101.5] and the mountains like tufts of carded wool.
[101.6] Then he whose deeds weigh heavy in the Scale
[101.7] shall live in a life which is pleasing,
[101.8] but he whose weight is light in the Scale,
[101.9] his head will be in the Plunging
[101.10] What shall let you know what the Plunging is?
[101.11] (It is) a Fire which is extremely hot.

The Excessive Gathering – At-Takathor
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[102.1] The excessive gathering (of increase and boasting) occupied you (from worshipping and obeying)
[102.2] until you visit the graves.
[102.3] But no, indeed, you shall soon know.
[102.4] Again, no indeed, you shall soon know.
[102.5] Indeed, did you know with certain knowledge
[102.6] that you shall surely see Hell?
[102.7] Again, you shall surely see it with the sight of certainty.
[102.8] On that Day, you shall be questioned about the pleasures.

The Afternoon – Al-‘Asr
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[103.1] By the time of the afternoon!
[103.2] Surely, the human is in a (state of) loss,
[103.3] except those who believe and do good works and charge one another with the truth and charge one another with patience.

The Backbiter – Al-Humazah
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[104.1] Woe to every backbiter, slanderer
[104.2] who amasses wealth and counts it,
[104.3] thinking his wealth will render him immortal!
[104.4] On the contrary! He shall be flung to the Crusher.
[104.5] What shall let you know what the Crusher is?
[104.6] (It is) the kindled Fire of Allah,
[104.7] which shall oversee the hearts,
[104.8] closed around them
[104.9] in extended columns.

The Elephant – Al-Feil
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[105.1] Have you not seen how Allah dealt with the companions of the Elephant?
[105.2] Did He not cause their schemes to go astray?
[105.3] And He sent against them flights of birds
[105.4] pelting them with stones of baked clay,
[105.5] so that He made them like straw eaten (by cattle).

Koraysh – Koraysh
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[106.1] For the custom of the Koraysh,
[106.2] their custom of the winter and summer journey.
[106.3] Therefore let them worship the Lord of this House
[106.4] who fed them from hunger and secured them from fear.

The Assistance – Al-Ma’un
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[107.1] Have you seen he who belied the Recompense?
[107.2] It is he who turns away the orphan
[107.3] and does not urge others to feed the needy.
[107.4] Woe to those who pray,
[107.5] who are heedless of their prayers (delaying them from their prescribed times),
[107.6] who show off,
[107.7] and prevent the utensils of assistance.

The River of Abundance – Al-Kawthar
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[108.1] Indeed, We have given you (Prophet Muhammad) the abundance (Al Kawthar: river, its pool and springs).
[108.2] So pray to your Lord and sacrifice.
[108.3] Surely, he who hates you, he is the most severed.

The Unbelievers – Al-Kafiroon
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[109.1] Say: ‘O unbelievers,
[109.2] I do not worship what you worship,
[109.3] nor do you worship what I worship.
[109.4] Nor am I worshiping what you have worshipped,
[109.5] neither will you worship what I worship.
[109.6] To you your religion, and to me my Religion.’

The Victory – An-Nasr
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[110.1] When the victory of Allah and the opening comes,
[110.2] and you see people embracing the Religion of Allah in throngs,
[110.3] exalt with the praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness from Him. For indeed, He is the Turner (for the penitent).

The Flame – Al-Lahab
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[111.1] Perish the hands of Abi-Lahab, and perish he!
[111.2] His wealth will not suffice him, neither what he has gained;
[111.3] he shall roast at a Flaming Fire,
[111.4] and his wife, laden with firewood
[111.5] shall have a rope of palm-fiber around her neck!

Oneness – Al-‘Ikhlas
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[112.1] Say: ‘He is Allah, the One,
[112.2] the called upon.
[112.3] Who has not given birth, and has not been born,
[112.4] and there is none equal to Him.’

Daybreak – Al-Falaq
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[113.1] Say: ‘I take refuge with the Lord of Daybreak
[113.2] from the evil of what He has created,
[113.3] from the evil of the darkness when it gathers
[113.4] from the evil of the blowers on knots;
[113.5] from the evil of the envier when he envies.’

People – An-Nas
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[114.1] Say: ‘I take refuge with the Lord of people,
[114.2] the King of people,
[114.3] the God of people,
[114.4] from the evil of the slinking whisperer
[114.5] who whispers in the chests of people,
[114.6] both jinn and people.


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