Keeping the Environment Clean

March 12, 2012

On Sunday yesterday after the morning prayer the author and child number four Aslam took time to plant two trees in the banana family Plumbon garden writer. Was surprised to see the condition of the garden that we did not put a fence so that the scene where trash around the garden for residents who do not or do not understand the meaning of environmental hygiene. Of our garden in the middle of a residential house there is a desire to build a house on it. Strategic location on the northwest Yogyakarta Expo Center (JEC) of approximately 500 meters. After two banana trees planted well as we continue to rush home ready for the opening of the pilgrimage guidance by KBIH “Bina Umat” Yogyakarta. Because that appeal to everyone to keep the environment clean by putting trash or food scraps or used goods at the place so clean and healthy environment are well preserved. More specifically to the residents around our garden that has not been aware of the cleanliness of the environment. Realize if not recognized because the environment will be polluted than filthy dirty and the stench is also susceptible to disease for residents who are around the garden.


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