Improvement Quality of Madrasah

March 6, 2012

Coming In Time is Easy. Came or comes into the office if it is used to present early is easy, it is necessary and should become a habit for everyone who is always working and struggling in the madrassa. Similarly home from work or madrasah in accordance with the scheduled. It also prepares early what will be done in the main tasks in the madrasa. As a principal, a teacher, as an employee or employees, or as students of all complement each other in an effort to improve the quality of madrasah. Strong exposure to issues in the management of a matter of introspection for madrasah madrasah to always clean up all in carrying out the process of education in this country. A series of rules in the form of legislation and management procedures at the school has prepared revised and adapted to the benefits inherent in each of the madrasah. Some madrassas have been able to be seeded and choice for communities that exist around madrasah madrasah but still there are not accounted for in the community put their children to study in madrasas. Islamic Senior High School or MAN Insan Cendekia Serpong and Gorontalo as well as some madrassas both junior high and elementary schools Aliyah levels in almost all provinces have been ready to become a leading Islamic schools in their respective areas. Is the hallmark of Islamic values ​​to the Islamization of subjects with a minimum charge of Quran Hadith, Fiqh, Aqeedah Morals, SKI and Arabic, and other subjects are not different from the school. And also the advantages that have been held each madrasah able to educate the sons and daughters of this nation is full of passion and dedication to quality in the face of her future and together towards the quality of this nation.


One comment

  1. Regularly our madrasah got meeting coordination for enhancement quality of my own madrasah. Specially preparing national exam on 2012.

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