Economic of Rotowijayan Street

July 15, 2011

Ups and downs in the economy the street of Rotowijayan Kraton famous in recent decades with the center of batik even some twenty years to bloom with a T-shirt shops Dagadu. Although the name of the symbol Dagadu the “eye” comes from Javanese alphabet are reversed so that contain the word “eyes”. If a word is spoken in front of audiences is inappropriate because it contains swearing. However Dagadu has provided a boon to the production center and marketing T-shirts Dagadu especially for Rotowijayan and surrounding communities who see and the business of selling Batik and Dagadu. BatikRotowijayan famous long-standing such as “Luwes-Luwes”, “Luwes Pantes”, there is also a new batik shops such as “Batik Jawi”, “Wahyu Putro” and many more are mush rooming around the streets Rotowijayan. At the eastern end of the road there is a restaurant Rotowijayan Gadri Resto and western tip of the west road including road Ngasem Andalas Padang restaurant there. In the west batik shop-Luwes-Luwes there are traditional body treatments are also crowded with visitors. Grocery store “Gampang” long-standing subscriptions persist with many, and the bakery “Risma” famous cheapness on the west side of the road Rorowijayan in the north of the road. Hopefully anyone who visits the street Rotowijayan will feel safe and comfortable. Thanks.


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