Brother Mujiyono or Maman in Jatinegara Jakarta

June 12, 2011

For about fourteen years our family waiting for certainty where Mujiyono brother was because since 1996 we do not know where our brother was after saying goodbye to work in Jakarta. Brother Mujiyono to Jakarta with leave his mother his father and two brothers and five nephews. This is what know and introduced to friends brother Mujiyono in Jakarta. Had also dawned Mujiyono brother to come home to Yogyakarta when it already has a stock but all of a sudden bang Muji ill and require a fee. Finally intention to Yogyakarta suspended. When the brothers got news Tumar that Muji mother was ill and taken home by relatives Tumar, brother Muji still reluctant to return to Yogyakarta. Over the past fourteen years brother Muji  just give news via fiber to his brother in Yogyakarta with without showing a clear address. June 2011 was a historic month for brother Muji because this month brother Muji abandoned by both parents (mother and father) and brother Muji not had time to go home. So that it becomes a question mark from relatives and neighbors whether brother Muji still exist in Jakarta or where. Interval of two weeks his father died brother Muji just returned to Yogyakarta escorted by relatives Tumar. Early June 2011 Muji bang could meet with his relatives and neighbors in Yogyakarta by sharing stories for fourteen years. So that his nephew grew two to seven, but brother Muji is still celibate. When will brother Mujiyono getting married? Brother Muji that know itself. Alhamdulillah brother Muji now healthy condition wal afiat and plans after they finish taking care of the letters in Yogyakarta back to Jakarta.


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