Saturday Night Happiness with Family

June 11, 2011

All members of our family this Saturday at home unless the child to the two existing activities at his school. The third child Saturday evening returning home from the seacoast or the ocean south of Indonesia with his friend from Sapen. Meet the parent message does not bathe on the beach is very dangerous because sometimes all of a sudden a big wave coming and it’s hard to avoid that which is at the beach the waves dragged into the middle and bounced away could have hit rocks and of course if that is the situation can not be saved his life, making troublesome when the rescue team found his body was lifeless and home have become corpses. This is what happens in the ocean a few times on the coast south coast Tritis Parang, Baron and surrounding areas. Of course if the kids are teenagers traveling to the coast were ordered to hard not to bathe on the beach, once again forbidden to bathe on the beach if you want to survive.Of the youngest child with great joy with humor, sometimes , comforting sometimes cry when tempted by the brother-brother, but also immediatelystopped crying when their parents or other older brother to pay attention.


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