Evening Should Coming Home

June 10, 2011

Children today are sometimes filled with activities outside the home, especially after entering high school. But not so when the house is provided by the internet so that every moment could be on line at home. In this way children are more able to control access to internet. Before the internet is provided in the home often times they come home sometimes until night because there are activities at school because the school also provides internet access, sometimes also the child say goodbye to the cafe if there isdifficulty accessing the school. As a kid my parents gave the signs to be at home when night so for daytime to be used to maximum activity. At present though at night the kids have activities should as parents need to know what activities their children. But when the children at night was not at home and parents do not know what activities their children do this a sign of parents do not want to care less or more of the activities carried out his son. Conditions such asthese become very risky especially if the child is not controlled by their parents engaged in the negative. Because that’s if the kids do not have activities that are urgent and important is the kids should be home. Of course with full control over what activities do the children. Apparently these children into three nights at a friend’s house in the village Sapen and going to the beach tomorrow goodbye, do we notice because of the fierce sea coastsouth because it does not have to shower at the beach. And after your return from the beach immediately went home.


One comment

  1. Praise the child to the three already back from the beach and we are forbidden to swim because it is very dangerous to swim in the sea coast south (ocean Indonesia).

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