Asus with Original Windows

March 1, 2011

Dream of someone who wants to use a laptop or a device that had to be fully representative of the struggle. Although the author has alternated holding the laptop but still feels something is missing when the laptop is used does not meet the expectations that hinder employment. The author chose this Asus laptop is the third time for the Asus is the first and second with i7 processor and then a third one only with i3 processor but the third is using wondows original, though both previous Asus also ready at any time to be original. Asus an option writer to get to this time, and the authors also long held the Acer, Lenovo, HP. Hopefully, by choosing the Asus able to expedite the performance of the author in carrying out the tasks that the responsibility of the authors. Why should it be original? Author’s experience when given the task of service to Malaysia and when it did not bring a laptop that the original author, while at the airport by chance no examination software. But when the USM Penang Malaysia when setting the internet on a laptop, a little embarrassed because windows software residing on laptops unoriginal writer. This experience must not happen again to bring a laptop with software that is not original or pirated. Pirated, copies, copy, and the like it’s time little by little in reducing or even eliminated to happen to this beloved country, and together let us build this country together with public awareness for conscious and embarrassed to use the results of pirated, copies, plagiarism and the like. Let’s together build creativity to keep working smart and careful, in every step through the daily tasks in accordance with our respective professions.


  1. kalau saya lebih memilih piranti lunak berlisensi open source, pak.. kalo yg asli eman-eman^^

    Blognya menginspirasi sekali pak
    Salut dgn dedikasi bapak yg luar biasa
    Semoga saya bisa mengikuti jejak bapak

    salam hangat dari bantul..

  2. Tq. Shendy sebagaimana penulis ingin memakai yang original dengan tujuan diantaranya jika dikemudian hari ada kegiatan atau tugas ke luar negeri tidak repot-repot lagi dan aman jika laptop dibawa. Tq

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