Full with Agendas

January 20, 2011

For several days writer with full of agendas. Special in this week, on Monday with meeting of Group Principal Madrasah Tsanawiyah Sleman regency at Muara Kapuas 16 km Kaliurang street. Then on afternoon with socialization of national exam at Disdikpora DIY till evening. Yesterday, attend invitation for principal meeting MKKS Sleman regency at Juniors High School 2 Prambanan (SMP 2 Prambanan) then till evening doing many task at my own room school. Today, early morning writer should coming school for teaching and learning then praying dhuha, so till evening doing many task at room school. On breaking time writer give speak for all teacher at least ten minutes enough. Alhamdulillah teaching and learning at Islamic Juniors High School Sleman in Maguwoharjo running well. May that can enhancement or increasing quality our Madrasah, amin.


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