Saturday Preparing to Borntown

June 20, 2009

Borntown of writer at least 200 kilo metres from Yogyakarta. Because of cousin Eri Indriati get wedding party tomorrow afternoon, make writer and family tonight are going to go to borntown Daren Nalumsari Jepara. Sure not difficult bring all member of family so with wife and five kids. The elder kid already can driver a car and ready bring us together with one car.

Actually not long time our family in my borntown, because after attending wedding party my cousin Eri Indriati, writer and family should come back to Yogyakarta for attending invitation another wedding party too.

Mr. H.M. Dahlan, uncle of writer who have three son and two daughter tomorrow have a wedding party in Jepara street village Daren. This party is finish of Mr. HM Dahlan family, because all sons and daugh ter already married. All of them Ir. H. Aminudin Azis,MM; Ir. H. Nasrudin Rois; Ir. H. Andi Ardiyanto; Hj. Lia Ratnasari, ST; and Hj. Eri Indriati, ST.

Although only in a few time writer and family seems in happiness attending this party, and another writer and family can meeting with big family from Daren. Specially regard for mother and father, brother and sister, and all person in big family. Thanks


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