Speaker on Friday

March 13, 2009
Today is Friday, actually all muslim specially man should go to masjid for together praying or jama’ah at dhuhur time or twelve o’clock.
Schedulle of writer today became the speaker at masjid Kagungan nDalem Rotowijayan. Last night already preparing material for speaking. Main theme in this moment is remembering abour our prophet Muhammad SAW who already born in Mecca more fourteen century before. Muhammad with the best of attitude if facing much of problem in his life. Till now always make sample of reference and always up to date. Al-Qur’an is example of ethict Muhammad. Much of ayat show the altitude of ethict Muhammad. Much of verdify show the deverence of Muhammad with another people, like “Muhammad people not like another people, he is like dimond or jewel between stone (Muhammadun basyar la kal basyari wa anta kalyakuti bainal hajari).” Till now and we are do not know maybe always and forever Muhammad became reference for human life, like why he is leadher of society, why he is leadher of family, why he had peace full for all people, and why he is facing much of war. Truly amazing all of Muhammad already done. Why we are not make Muhammad for example people in our life? Sure all muslim agree this statement. Thanks

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