Tuesday Morning in Happiness

February 17, 2009

After in sleeping at night with my family, writer wake up in the morning then praying shubuh. Bathe with cold water more make body fresh today, then wearing uniform clothes for go to school. Suddenly my daughter want to hang in my hand, and “auhh” water of urine wetting my dress. “Do not matter my daughter”, I express. Then I changing my another clothes of uniform and ready to go to school after breakfast with younger son.

By accompany to my younger son school, so in the early morning I am arrive at my school. Start with sign coming first, then preparing for conducting praying in audio room, by turn on and open all of switch connecting with all room in my school. Then writing the name of surat and ayat that be reading today in special book. Waiting on time 07.00 start with the bell ringing, then writer conducting praying from audio room so tadarus al-Qur’an.

Our praying with saying : Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Asyhadu an la ilaha illallah Wasyhadu anna Muhammadar Rasulullah Allahummanfa’ni bima allamtani wallimni ma yanfa’uni Wazidni ilma, Walhamdulillahi ala kulli hal, Waa’udzubillahi min ’adzabinnar, Walhamdulillahirabbil alamin. Mean

“With the name of a very loving God, Most Merciful, I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad Messenger of Allah. Yaa Allah, give up power that science has to teach you, and tach useful for science, and added my science, Praise be to God for any situation, and I am seeking refuge with Allah from the punishment of Hell.”

Then tadarus start surah Shad ayat 45 to ayat 56

[38.45] Also, remember Our worshipers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, those of might and vision.
[38.46] Indeed, We purified them with a most pure quality, the remembrance of the Everlasting Life.
[38.47] Indeed with Us they are among the chosen, the excellent.
[38.48] Also, remember our worshipers Ishmael, Elisha, and Thul-Kifl, they are among the good.
[38.49] This is a Reminder, and indeed for the cautious is a fine return,
[38.50] the Gardens of Eden whose gates shall be open to them,
[38.51] in which they will recline, and call for abundant fruit and drink therein.
[38.52] And with them will be maidens of equal age with modest gaze.
[38.53] ‘This is what you are promised on the Day of Recompense,
[38.54] this is Our unending provision.’
[38.55] All of this; but, for the proud there is an ill return.
[38.56] They shall roast in (the Fire) of Gehenna, an evil cradling.

Silence and very calm so happiness too all in our school although only in ten minutes this activity in every morning make us in enthusiastic facing many task daily activity in our madrasah today and tomorrow.

Although writer no have classroom today, sure go to school for doing and finishing much of task today, like many disposision should sign, then many take over to another teacher, or making schedulle in near activity or many exam. Actually this weekend we have activity of Spiritual Quantum Learning and meeting for preparing this activity at tomorrow afternoon. Regard for all civitas madrasah. Thanks from writer.


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