November 19, 2008

Since twelve of November do not writing in my blog make my hand feeling itchy for writing. Much of experience in my daily activity, can make me more wisdom with give all decision. For example become vice principal facing deference type of person in my institution, MAN Yogyakarta I. Facing much of task everyday. So activity on society in non formal education, PKBM Mekar Harum. Then facing many problem for solfing every times in madrasah, society, and family.

If someone do not in patient, sure every time always with angry facing all problem. But what for angry them. And every times someone must introspection with alrady all doing acting thinking saying writing and so on. Experience is the best teacher. The newest experience is my task with enquette from Departement of Education National passing with Mr. Rakhmad on Duty Education Yogyakarta. Short timing for 23 of teacher and principal who must filling enquette from 17th November in the afternoon and 18th November in the afternoon must collecting again. This is important and must finish, and alhamdulillah finish in the afternoon 18th November, and all enquette already gived to Mr. Rahmad. My problem in facing our friend although one or two teacher do not concern with this enquette. One more I am not angry with them but this is my newest experience in my madrasah.

May all of problem in our madrasah can ending with the best solving. Thanks


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