Wedding Party in nDalem Benawan

October 31, 2008

Start 13.00 pm to 15.00, 31th of October 2008, group the couple include the writer and wife become the receptionist on wedding party of Kartiningsih binti Buntoro Wasito Utomo and Upang Kurniawan bin Salimin in nDalem Benawan Rotowijayan street Yogyakarta.

Family of Buntoro Wasito Utomo who had agenda of wedding party. With solo organ Mr. Somarmo (pakMamok) with popular singer Yuni, Ira, Haryati, Sudi, and Tukijan. And master ceremony (MC) Mr. Sutrisno.

This event running well, and on the middle time someone want to MC if writer must song with title “Semalam di Malaysia” because she know writer can singing well, so my wife passing to me. And I am trying to sing that song specially for recently married and someone who want me to singing names Mrs. Antari. Before finish time wedding party all singer singing together with title “Prau Layar”. Experience in the end of October 2008 on wedding party. May the new family should have happiness and can developing family in sakinah mawaddah wa rahmah, amin. Thanks


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