Every Friday

October 31, 2008

All moslem know if every Friday must praying together in the mosque/masjid, and together and hearing speaker from khatib. Today is Friday, the end of October 2008, and month syawal 1429 already gone, mean all moslem must always enhance quality of  devotion, creativity so mind set sure day by day in all condition. Specially on Friday, sunnah with bathing or washing all body before going to masjid.

In the afternoon when muadzin calling with adhan Allahu Akbar …. La Ilaha Illallah” . All activity must stop and faster go to masjid hearing speaker from khatib. In this moment someone in hearing speaker do not say something and anything, after finish hearing speaker then together praying jum’ah (Friday Praying).

Already Allah say in the Holy Qur’an:


[62.9] Believers, when you are called to prayer on the Day of the Congregation (Friday), hasten to the Remembrance of Allah and put your trading to one-side. That is the best for you, if you but knew.
[62.10] Then, when the prayer has ended, disperse in the land and seek the favor of Allah, and, remember Allah often, so that you prosper.
[62.11] Yet when they see some commerce or amusement they flock to it, leaving you standing. Say: ‘That which is with Allah is better than the amusement and commerce. Allah is the Best of Providers.’


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