Facing Idul Fithri 1429 H

September 27, 2008

After fasting this Ramadhan all moslem prepare face Idul Fitri.

With much of ritual on Ramadhan this year should make someone who finding chance of spirituality by enhance devotion with praying, confessing all sin facing Allah SWT, give important thing to another who wanted and very requiring, detaining dander, giving forgiveness to someone else, and alwasy remember all sin then do not doing again till die.

Mainly for all moslem is giving zakat fitrah (zakat on yourself), give staple food for the poor, one sha’, for sanctifiesing fasting and give eat the poor. Already write in Hadits “‘An Ibnu Abbas r.a. qala : Faradla Rasulullah s.a.w zakatul fitri tuhratan lishshaimi watu’matan lilmasakini faman addaha qablashshalati fahiya zakatun maqbulahu faman addaha ba’dashshalati fahiya shadaqatun minashshadaqati.”(rawahu Abu Dawud wa Ibnu Majah).

The payment of zakat fitrah can be done from the first day of the month of Ramadhan. However, it is encouraged, as it is the Sunnah of the Prophet of Islam that it be paid on the eve of Shawal until the Idul Fithri prayers. After that any payment is considered as charity.

Zakat must be distributed among the classes of Muslims for the purposes enumerated with the niyat (intention) of fulfilling the obligation of zakat and to see to it that the recipient is made the absolute owner in his or her sole right of what is given to him or her. The moral that this institution conveys is that we must not be selfish and get too fond of worldly possessions, but must always be ready and willing to help our brethren by all means at our disposal.


Allah say in Qur’an Hudz min amwalihim shadaqatan tuthahhiruhum watuzakkihim biha washalli alaihim inna shalataka sakanullahum wallahu sami’un ‘alim (at-TAubah: 103) [9.103] Take charity from their wealth, in order that they are thereby cleansed and purified, and pray for them; for your prayer is a comforting mercy for them. Allah is Hearing, Knowing.

Lets the rich moslem not only give zakat fitrah but also zakat good and chattel (mal) that had been measurement for giving.


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