Start Night Praying at 02.00 am

September 20, 2008

Some moslem knows if in the midle of night is the best time for praying.
Speciallay in Masjid Gedhe Kauman Yogyakarta much of moslem have activity by i’tikaf, tadarus, praying sunnah, and so on. Start first day ramadhan continu in much of activity, speciallay in the midle of night at 02.00 am, with activity tarawih dini hari with eight raka’ah then pray witir three raka’ah. In ten last day of Ramadhan because much of moslem coming to this masjid, praying dini hari doing at east side of masjid. Lets our brother and sister moslem in Yogya and around the earh, we are together containing with much of positive activity like night praying, tahajud, or i’tikaf in masjid. Thanks.


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