Guru Bina PAI in UMS 2000 or S2 UMS-MDC 2001

September 19, 2008

After writing thesis Mr. Moh. Dawamudin Masdar,M.Ag the writer remembering all friend whom together in UMS-MDC Surakarta. Because writer miss more all because long time do not communication. Specially respectable for Mr. Abu Nasir, M.Ag. and Mr. H.Moh Dawamudin Masdar, M.Ag. and all friend else. Usually Mrs. Hj. Rostimar, M.Ag. always talking among us, and this month Mr. H.Taufichurrahman, M.Ag. already come to Yogyakarta for attending wedding party in UIN Suka Yogyakarta. Till now only Mr. H.Taufichurrahman, M.Ag.  who usually and often silaturrahmi come to my little house in Yogya. How about else? May we can meeting together although in virtual. Respect to Mr. Drs. Ahmad Husen, M.Ag., Mrs. Dra. Ida Husnul CH, M.Ag. and Mr. Drs. Awaluddin Hamzah, M.Ag.(Bandung); Mr. Drs. Pahri Lubis, M.Ag. (Jakarta); Mr. Drs. Omay Kamal Badri,M.Ag., Mr. Drs. Sofyan Abdullah, M.Ag. (West Java), Mr. Drs. H. M.A. Badawi, M.Ag. (Cirebon-West Java); Mr. Drs. H. Moh. Dawamuddin Masdar, M.Ag., Mr. Drs. M.Hamid,M.Ag., Mr. Drs. Agus Santoso,M.Ag., Mr. Drs. Sunardi, M.Ag., Mr. Drs. Asnawi, M.Ag. Mr. Drs. Moh. Soef,M.Ag.,  (Central Java); Mr. Drs. Zuliadi, M.Ag., Mr. DR. Subiyantoro,M.Ag., Mrs. Dra. Mujiani,M.Ag., Mrs. Dra. Hj. Rostimar, M.Ag. (Yogyakarta); Mr. Drs. H. Taufichurrahman, M.Ag., Mr. Drs. H. Abu Nasir. M.Ag., Mr. Drs. H. Mahbub, M.Ag., Mr. Drs. Ahmad Fuadi,M.Ag., Mr. Drs. Ali Mujahidin,M.Ag., Mrs. Dra. Hj. Ulfah Hayati,M.Ag., Mr. Drs. Eko Budhi Lesono,M.Ag., Mr. Drs. Moh. Sulton,M.Ag., Mr. Drs. Imam Sopingi, M.Ag., Mr. Drs. Taufiqurrohman, M.Ag., Mr. Drs. Karim, M.Ag.(East Java); Mrs. Dra. Hj. Ratu Faiqah, M.Ag (Banten). Except Mr. Romelan,M.Ag. (alm), may we always have much of creativity in our madrasah. Lets with the best act for enhancement and improvement our madrasah. Thanks.


One comment

  1. Ass.Wr.Wb,
    Congratulation speacial greeting to the teachers who have passed the certication. in your madrasah. May many others will run after them can pass too. I’m deni I only proud of you can write many various ideas such as about yourself, school, special occassions and other things as well. You really can be good writer, good luck and Tq.

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