Tadarus in Masjid Gedhe Yogyakarta

September 18, 2008

After praying tarawih always following with tadarus, read the Holly Qur’an one by one bring Qur’an and run rotation one person one ruku’. Every night only read one juz, except one of night that became agreement read two juz of Qur’an. This discriptions tadarus in Masjid Gedhe Yogyakarta, this ramadhan have three circle, two circle all men, and one circle all woman, all in serambi masjid. Writer member tadarus in here since 1998, after coming from Borneo Pemangkat.

Old member till now, except writer, Mr. H. Budhi Setiawan (lead ta’mir), Mr. H. Yulianto, Mr. Azman Latif, Mr. H. Badruzzaman, Mr. Haffan, and now much of new member that open for all muslim in Yogyakarta.

After read the Holly Qur’an following with tausiah the main theme already reading before. May our devotion is accepted by Allah SWT, amin


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