I’tikaf in Masjid

September 18, 2008

Today all Moslem on going process in fasting. All night the believe Moslem always pray tarawih and every times look for the best time on i’tikaf in masjid.

Specially on ten days of ramadhan the Moslem look for lailatul qadar, one night that have the best quality for devotion. Allah already say Inna anzalnahu fi lailatilqadr – wama adraka ma lailatul qadr – lailatul qadri khoirun min alfi syahr – tanazzalul malaikatu warruhu fiha biidzni rabbihim min kulli amrin salamun hiya hatta matla’il fajr

إنا أنزلناه في ليلة القدر [97.1]
وما أدراك ما ليلة القدر [97.2]
ليلة القدر خير من ألف شهر [97.3]
تنزل الملائكة والروح فيها بإذن ربهم من كل أمر [97.4]
سلام هي حتى مطلع الفجر [97.5]

( [97.1] We sent this (the Holy Koran) down on the Night of Honor.
[97.2] What could let you know what the Night of Honor is!
[97.3] The Night of Honor is better than a thousand months,
[97.4] in it the angels and the Spirit (Gabriel) descend by the permission of their Lord upon every command.
[97.5] Peace it is, till the break of dawn.) May all of us, Muslim can enhance quality of spiritual every times by always pray, act, and the best doing. And may find lailatul qadar with i’tikaf in Masjid. Thanks


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