New Year 2005

September 16, 2008

Every times someone always remember the interesting time and often namely the best of memory. This word the memory of writer in the new year of 2005 precisely 1st of January. The writer in Capital City Jakarta with much of agenda or schedule of madrasah who have invitation in Ministry Religious Affairs Jakarta.

On 31th December 2004 we are the member of competitions teacher of masradah finish presentations and all of them go to office religious affairs (Depag) Jakarta. Then preparing for praying jum’ah at Masjid Istiqlal, and after praying all member going around Jakarta. The writer with Mr. Muslikh from Nangro Aceh Darussalam and meet brother name Mr. Miftahussurur with him friend who leave in Jakarta after study at Istambul University for five years. What a glad and nice our feel and heart a long meeting together with them. Mr. Muslikh who after became tragedy of Aceh Tsunami and brother Miftah who coming from Istambul Turkey. Then our going to Manggadua Plasa by taxi. We are finishing time the end of 2004 in Manggadua Jakarta. Then together coming to the places with Bus Way in Jakarta. I am and Mr. Muslikh in Wisma Haji Depag at Jaksa Street Jakarta. Brother Miftah and his friend go to them hostel. Thanks a lot for together in the new year of 2005, specially for my brother, mas Miftahussurur. May Allah always blessing our act and done every times.


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