August 28, 2008

Returning with the day off teaching like I am today, after I entering in my school the duty teacher today, Mr. Drs. R Khamdan  Jauhari from guidance and counseling talking me why coming in the moment today? Where you come from? I said, “I coming from my house” .
He talking  again, “time  now from home?”. “Yes after accompany to my son school because he is more hard for preparing to school”. He talking again, “What your son grade?” “In the third grade now”, said me. “Ohh I see” He said again. And straight  to my  special  room  of vice principal. Before entering for a few minute dialogue with the most experience teacher here, Mrs. Dra. Hindiyanah,  about how far Bandung from here. Already student do not know resident Mrs. Dra. Hindiyanah in village name Bandung, do not Bandung the west of Java but Bandung Bantul Yogyakarta. Ohh I see, she is usually coming school early although she is resident far from school, she go to school by bus twice one way, also if return come home. She is the spirit woman although her age about 59 year old. Mean one year again she desisting of officer here. Sure much of devotion of sacrifice for our madrasah. Lets for the teacher in madrasah who will desisting of officer with strong and full of devotion for our madrasah like with coming early to school and always enhance in teaching and learning for all student, do not on the contrary. Thanks.


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